Best WordPress Portfolio Templates

15 Best WordPress Portfolio Templates (Free & Paid)

Are you looking for new jobs or quality work? Then you undoubtedly have the correct information that you can’t do without the Internet. However, if you want to dazzle professionals from employment agencies and “brain hunters,” then you will not score with just a simple CV. It works much more professional if you present yourself by listing your work experience and portfolio on the website. Fortunately, you no longer need to be an HTML expert. Anyone without expertise can set up a website today. To present your portfolio, you can use pre-prepared templates for the website you create on the WordPress platform, accessible to all and intuitive. Here you will find a list of the ten most beautiful templates that will introduce your work on a professional level.

Of course, you can essentially customize your templates. If you don’t have your illustrative images, you can take advantage of the template’s ones. Of course, you can upload your photos or adjust the display of different boxes.


Andra – for professionals in every way

Andra is a professional template that is suitable for photographers. The effects it offers take your breath away and feel very mature. You can insert many different photo gradients into the template, the transition between them is using beautifully executed arrows. The cursor is accompanied by a cross wheel, making browsing the page a practical experience in itself and has several different functions. uses

Download template Template preview Hosting and domain discountsSepia – professionals have a choice

The Sepia template offers several different patterns, a total of 18 different types of photo albums, and a selection of templates for bloggers. Templates are suitable for photo studies, photographers, and designers. The template can be essentially personalized. For example, you can choose from many different kinds of headers and footer or two different kinds of menus. You create aThen, you using the easy drag&drop method.


Download template Template preview Hosting and domain discountsArt Portfolio – fully adapts

The Art Portfolio template satisfies even the most demanding users. It offers a friendly interface. The page is created using the drag &drop method. The site fully supports media placement, you can upload your video, audio, or Youtube video. You can place images in four kinds of picture galleries. The template also allows you to deploy your e-shop thanks to Woocommerce support. The site is fully responsive.


Download template Template preview Hosting and domain discountsVino – the beauty of minimalism

If you like the site rather than austere, then you will surely enjoy the Vino template. You can display your portfolio in 50 different ways, each offering awe-inspiring effects. Moreover, you can write your pages in one of the 800 possible fonts; woocommerce is also supported.


Download template Template preview Hosting and domain discountsAxen convinces professionals

The Axen template provides a truly professional way to expose your portfolio or resume. The fully responsive page also thinks about references, social networking, blog entries and photos. In addition to the photo gallery, you can place video in the page header.


Download template Template preview Hosting and domain discount photo Magic

Are you a photographer or a painter or an illustrator? Do you need to present yourself mainly with a sample of photos and pictures? Then you’ll need a Photo Magic template. It is primarily focused on high-quality photo display. The template allows you to add many photo galla galla ies, you can quickly move between photos using the arrow, the image will be displayed when clicked in a large preview. The template creates a beautiful and responsive website that attracts clicks.

Download template Template preview Hosting and domain discountsBiography

Do you want to post an inventory of your work experience on the Internet and dazzle with a word? The Biography template is the one that perfectly represents your life’s work trip and convinces HR staff that you’re a professional in every way. The responsive page first attracts a spectacular header across the entire width of the page with the underlying illustration photo and your photo in the frame. It also allows you to post an overview of your work experience clearly on the time line. There is also a box where you can insert references with a photo of the referee. You don’t pay to use a template.


Download template Template preview Hosting and domain discountsPhoto Perfect

Are you a photographer and want to present yourself mainly with your work, less so in words? Photo Perfect is the photo template that plays a significant role. The full-width header will offer the photo you value the most, below it you will see a list of other good works accompanied by impressive effects. Click to view pictures in a large preview, to which you can add additional information. The site feels minimalist and very clean. The template is available for free.


Download template Template preview Hosting and domain discountsResume

If you don’t want to dazzle with photos and pictures, but want to go straight to the point and post your RESUME clearly, then the Resume template is just the thing. The template does not distract with colors and effects but attracts mainly information. Your photos in the frame are dominated by your photos, below which are listed contacts and a short caption. Then there is the main one, i.e. an overview of the jobs on the timeline, then an overview of education and finally an inventory of your abilities. The site is straightforward, easy to navigate, and the HR staff will be happy to see it.


Download template Template preview Hosting and domain discountsBest Blog

Are you engaged in publishing content? Are you blogging, gaining fans and readers and wanting to show off your successful work? Then you can use the Best Blog template for this purpose. The template offers a stunning and modern look that is tailored to publishing content. On the free template, they’ll find a place for your posts, complete with fancy photos. The template is compatible with the WooCommerceplugin, so it also allows the e-shop to operate.


Download template Template preview Hosting and domain discountsAstrid

Do you want to build a portfolio page quickly and without any unnecessary thinking and thinking? Take advantage of the Astrid template, which promises to display the portfolio in five minutes. The responsive page offers full-page headers, color settings, project listings, team information, references, and a box for the client logos you want to boast. Thanks to WooCommerce support, it enables the operation of the e-shop, further supports blogging.


Download template Template preview Hosting and domain discountsGridster Lite

The free Gridster Lite template is subject to a GPL license, so it is entirely free for any use. The template is suitable for creatives and photographers, it offers a grid of photos on the home page, when clicked, an image with another description is displayed. On the left is the main menu, which can be primarily customized.


Download template Template preview Hosting and domain discountsEvent Star

Are you guys organizing all sorts of events? Do you want to show off what you managed to collect? This is how the Event Star template is prepared for you. On the page, it will first draw headers, where in addition to the photo there is a countdown before the following action. The site also offers a gallery from past events, the possibility of buying tickets or blogging. There is also a section in which performers are presented in detail.


Download template Template preview Hosting and domain discountsGreat Wall

You are not interested in any effects, but do you want to present mainly hard facts that speak clearly? Choose a Great Wall template that draws attention to clear facts. The page contains bookmarks with an overview of the portfolio, services, team. You can also write a blog to comment on. The page is responsive and very clear.


Download template Template preview Hosting and domain discountsNexas

Yes, succinctly and clearly. This is how pages that are created on the Nexas template work. In the header there are links to the main items, as well as to social networks. The site has a clean and elegant design. Much information can also be placed in the footer. The free template offers the creation of responsive sites that support SEO and that allow for significant adaptation to your own needs.

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