Best WordPress Image Compression Plugins

5 Best WordPress Image Compression Plugins

Images are an integral part of the website and visitors like them. But if they are too big, then they only hinder the reader. Fortunately, you can get several different tools for your WordPress-based page to automatically reduce your images to the correct size.


How to shrink the image?

Unlike text, loading images can slow down the display of the site nicely. Image files can be significant; the more influential the photos, the more detailed the images, and you can’t see each pixel. We can use compression to keep their size to a minimum without looking bad on the page for the ideas we place on the site. We can resize images using various graphics editors and browsers, from the paid and well-known Adobe Photoshop to the free XnViewgraphics browser, but there are many. However, many users are not familiar with these editors’ control or do not want to install them. Plus, it’s an extra job. However, we can simplify and speed up the whole process if we use a special plugin that will take care of everything necessary on its own.


What is compression, and what is it for?

An image file can be of a variety of sizes. In principle, the larger the file, the better it will be, and the image will look better. But that’s not entirely true. Thanks to the compression method, i.e., compression, it is possible to get relatively small files while maintaining good image quality. Compression uses the properties of the human eye, which ultimately, all points of the image do not see. Thus, it is possible to“omit” specific facts (pixels in which the size of the image is measured) without noticing them at first glance. Image Optimizer

The reSmush plugin allows you to optimize images up to 5 MB for free, supports JPG, PNG, and GIF image formats. The advantage of this plugin is straightforward and fast to operate. You optimize all images on your website in two clicks. If you don’t want to shrink some photos, you can remove them from compression. After the plugin is up and running, the tool analyzes and displays how many images need to be optimized. You can also choose whether to optimize all images or just some. After optimizing, you’ll also see how much space you’ve saved and how much image size has shrunk. The plugin settings offer several options, whether always to display image analysis when you open the page in the editor, whether to allow you to view research and perform logs, records of program activity. You won’t lose pictures in their original size. The plugin will create its backup.



Smush Image Compression and Optimization

This plugin offers compression and reduction of images completely free of charge; the plugin uses advanced lossless compression. It is compatible with all plugins that you use to manage media files in WordPress. It is effortless to use. Just set the maximum height and width of the image, and the plugin will take care of everything necessary; the photos are reduced in two steps. For advanced users, the plugin can display a variety of image statistics on the page. The paid Pro version offers full-size image backup, automatic PNG to JPG conversion, and image optimization up to 32 MB.



ShortPixel Image Optimizer

This plugin offers optimization of images and PDF documents. The plugin can optimize existing images and automatically uploaded pictures in the background without noting this activity. Of course, automatic optimization can be turned off. This allows you to improve site optimization for search engines and increase visitors to the page. The plugin offers lossy and lossless compression of images of the most famous formats, i.e., JPG, PNG, or GIF. The specialty of this plugin is the very effective JPG compression, which was developed specifically for photographers and provided a robust compression algorithm. Exif data, which includes data about the acquisition, etc., can also be removed from the images but is not essential for use on the web. The plugin is very much updated; it is a so-called freemium model. Thus, the plugin is free; its certain features are charged. The plugin optimizes not only images on the web page but also images in the media library, as well as not only full-size images but also preview images that increase when clicked.


Compress JPEG & PNG images

As the plugin name suggests, it will be used to compress JPG and PNG images. The plugin offers automatic compression of ideas when loaded and pictures placed in the gallery. It uses the tiny jpeg online service, or TinyPNG, which allows you to convert images to another size online without installing anything. It backs up the original photos, including various metadata about the picture taken, the location took according to GPS, etc. The plugin also supports compression of animated images in PNG format; you can choose previews to be optimized.


EWWW Image Optimizer

With this plugin, you can optimize images of any size. Images are compressed automatically during recording; lossless compression is used. It supports image galleries (GRAND FlaGallery, NextCellent, and NextGEN), photos that have already been optimized are automatically oversteered. The plugin contains a built-in image editor, the images that were created in it are automatically optimized. The plugin is available free of charge.

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