Ways to Promote Your Online Store Like a Pro

Ways to Promote Your Online Store Like a Pro

Have you set up an e-shop, but there is no too much traffic? In that case, as in the case of the stone trade, you must let yourself know. In the world of the Internet, you can offer several options that you can judiciously combine.

We do not recommend you go headlong into all options, but to consider the nature of the product you offer. Some options are free, while others, such as PPC advertising, can be spent huge sums that can be somewhat misstating. You can either call a specialist to promote the e-shop or, in the case of a more modest budget, go it alone. The advantage is that you can study virtually all methods yourself. But be aware that it will not be easy, the news is happening almost every day in this area, and the field needs to be closely monitored. And whatever option you choose, remember to use it strategically. Set a goal and try to achieve it. After some time, measure the results of your efforts, consider the means and time used, and compare them with how much sales in your e-shop have changed. Always set a specific budget in advance. Online marketing is never supposed to be a shot in the dark, but it is an accurate and analytical tool. So what are the options to let me know about your e-shop?


Pay per click advertising

How does pay-per-click (PPC) advertising work

For short, PPC advertising allows you to subscribe to specific terms that are crucial to your business. For example, if you are going to sell children’s shoes over the Internet, they will need children’s shoes, children’s shoes, etc. For example, Google(Google Adwords) orlistat (Sklik)offer this form of advertising. If someone enters the terms “children’s shoes” in the search engine, they should see your ad. You don’t pay to see an ad, but only if someone clicks on it. The problem is that many companies prepay for the terms children’s shoes in this way, and therefore a huge list of these companies will appear next to the search results. If you want your ad to be at the forefront, you need to be auctioned and pay more for those terms than any other business. It’s all science that you can either learn on the go, or you can hire a professional to do it. The results of these campaigns are easy to measure, and you know right away if you did the right thing.


Search engines

Goods are very often purchased through comparators, such as Heureka.czor Zboží.cz. You can upload information about your product range to item-by-item comparisons or via an automated feed, i.e., data that the comparator takes and includes the information. People here very often search on a price basis, so here you go straight into a price war with other e-shops. On the other hand, despite the higher price, it is possible to be attracted by other conditions of sale, such as the possibility of the personal collection of goods, the price of postage, or the fact that the trader has the goods in stock. Therefore, there is no need to wait for them for a longer period of time as with another, albeit cheaper, trader.



If you have already collected enough email addresses of your current or potential clients, you can also send them regular messages, so-called newsletters, about what is new with you, what new goods, discounts, or conditions you offer. Keep in mind that the tone of the letter must be very polite, maximally non-bothering. Do not include the reader in too much detail; write the most important thing.


Quality content

Content is what brings many potential clients to your e-shop, even on a small budget. For example, you can create a blog to discuss what you’re selling. For example, in children’s shoes, it can be several advice for parents of young children on how to choose children’s shoes, what is at risk if bad shoes are bought, or the trends. There are many possibilities. If you don’t have ideas for quality articles yourself, or you can’t write them yourself to be readable, choose a quality copywriter to write an article or directly create a content plan on your site. Seo analysis is also important for content. This relates to how your site is traceable to search engines, from which new clients most often come to your e-shop. However, leave this analysis to the experts.


Be on social media

Social media is a blessing for marketers. They have managed to concentrate such fragmented Internet users in one place where there is great potential that you will hit your customer. We advise you to create your own website and create a regular contribution plan. Here you can list news from the e-shop, but also your industry. Also, be present to answer your customers’ questions here in a kind, respectful way. Never be tired of being rude because it is tough to repair a damaged reputation. You can also use a Facebook ad that can be very precisely targeted.


Collaborate with bloggers and Instagrammers

In addition to your own strengths, you can also engage those whose content is sought after and who can boast many fans, i.e., the operator of successful blogs and social networks, in the vast majority of cases Instagram. Cooperation with this so-called influencer can bring you many new clients, but everything needs to be well considered. Depending on how important an influencer he is, his reward also depends on it. One will only need to get a product or service to promote, especially if it is a more expensive product or service. Another influencer needs to agree on paid cooperation; the price depends on how many fans the influencer can reach in this way.

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