Types of Office Chairs

Types of Office Chairs

An office worker spends at least 6 hours a day in a work chair. In such conditions, the anatomical shape of the stool is essential. The back should repeat the natural curve of the spine and create support for it.

Approach the choice of an office chair for work responsibly because your health and productivity depend on it. Modern manufacturers offer office chairs of different designs, materials, and designs.

In this article, you will learn how to choose the most comfortable office chair and what parameters to pay attention to in the first place.


Types of chairs

The design and construction of chairs may vary depending on the purpose for which they are intended. There are several types of office chairs according to the target audience of their use:

For the manager. Status piece of furniture. Such chairs are made of natural or artificial leather of beige, black, or walnut color. They are larger than staff chairs and are equipped with wide armrests. For the design, buttons and decorative buttons are used and stitching to create quilted leather.

For staff. Versatile and practical workplaces. The design is lighter. There are no additional fittings. Often such office chairs and chairs are smaller in size. They are made of mesh textiles or faux leather.

For visitors. Their main difference is the stationary basis. Chairs for visitors are rarely moved, so they do not have rollers. The upholstery is also made of durable fabric or leather.

By design, office seats are divided into chairs and chairs. They differ in shape and design. The chair, like the chair, has a different price range and characteristics. In addition, in the chair, you can change the height of the heart and the angle of inclination of the backrest.


The main parts of the chair

The main parts of the chair


To understand which office chair is better to choose, it is necessary to assess the quality of all its components. Therefore, the design of the chair includes the following elements:

  • Five-beam or D-pad – the support of the chair, it accounts for the main load. It is made of durable plastic or metal.
  • Wheels or rollers – the wheel is installed in each base beam, a built-in plastic mount. Due to such a device, the design becomes mobile and quickly moves around the room.
  • A pneumatic cartridge or gas lift is a lifting mechanism that adjusts the chair in height. It consists of an inert gas cylinder and protective housing. Under the seat of the chair is a lever. When you click on it, a button in the gas lift is triggered. It pushes the piston out of the cylinder, and the chair rises.



This is one of the main details of the seat. Of particular importance for the health of the human spine is its anatomical shape, repeating the natural curve of the back. Note the following options:

the height of the back of the office chair – it should be slightly above the shoulders so that the entire body of a person rests on it;

the integrity of the structure with a seat – the back can be a single block with a heart or be a separate structure;

the angle of inclination of the backrest – it can be adjusted yourself, it is recommended to keep the tip a little more than 90 degrees;

back material. The classic soft backrest provides comfort; the mesh back offers good heat exchange and ventilation.


When we choose a chair for a computer, an important criterion is comfort. Due to what parameters of the chair is achieved? Experts highlight the following points:

the softness of the seat;

the shape of the front edge of the heart: the border should be rounded in shape so as not to pinch the vessels of the seated person and not to disturb the blood flow;

seat depth: it is recommended from 42 to 52 cm, so the distance from the edge of the seat to the inner bend of the knees is not more than 6-7 cm, and the load on the legs will be minimal. The angle of inclination of the seat of the chair is adjustable.

In the office chair, such dimensions as max/min of the seat height and width are essential. In most models, the technical parameters are adjustable, but knowing the maximum permissible limits is necessary. The same is true for the parameter “maximum load of the office chair.”


Built-in mechanisms

Built-in mechanisms


The popular answer is mobile and modern to what should be a chair for the office. These characteristics are achieved through built-in mechanisms that adapt the seat to a person’s individual physical parameters and preferences. The more perfect the mechanisms, the easier the transformation of the chair. There are several categories of mechanisms:
Seat height adjustment. The lever located under the chair drives the piston of the gas cartridge. Thanks to the simplest Up&Down mechanism, the chair moves up and down.
Changing the angle of inclination of the back of the office chair. The mechanism “Permanent-contact” adjusts the desired inclination of the backrest, its height, as well as the depth of landing.
Swing mechanisms. Allows the seated person to deviate or sway and then automatically returns the chair to its original position. The person adjusts the intensity of the swing. The mechanism provides a coefficient of elasticity, which depends on the load on the back.
The most common mechanisms are:
Top-Gun provides weight adjustment and fixes the chair in the working position;
“Multiblock” protects against falling due to the shifted swing axis and fixes the seat in 4 different positions;
“Asynchronous” changes the degree of inclination of the backrest and the depth of the seat, the change in these two parameters occurs asynchronously;
“Synchronous” adjusts the deflection force, fixes the chair in five positions, and provides the back and seat asynchronous deviation.


Armrests and head restraints

These elements are considered optional and are not provided in some models. But they play an essential role in creating a comfortable body position.

The headrest helps to relieve the load from the cervical spine and relax the shoulders. Although, it is rare in chairs for staff and visitors and in chairs for managers. It is present in almost all models. Some headrests-pads are attached to the Velcro to the top of the back. Another option is the head restraints in a separate unit; they have a tilt control function.

Regardless of the type of office chairs, they must be equipped with armrests. Pay attention to the height of the armrests of the office chair. They should be on the same level as the table. Adjust the armrests so that the elbow bends at an angle of 90 degrees. So the sitting person will not raise his shoulders, and there will be no tension in the neck.

An important detail is the upholstery of the armrests. For greater comfort, choose chairs with soft handles that have an additional layer of foam rubber.


Filler for office chair

The softness of the chair and its durability depend on the material under the upholstery. There are several main types of fillers for office chairs and chairs:

  • Foam rubber/polyurethane foam. Universal raw materials are used for both budget and premium models—elastic and durable material. Quality is determined by the ability to restore the shape after pressing.
  • Latex or rubber fiber. Natural filler has high elasticity, is non-toxic, hygienic, and hypoallergenic.
  • Spring block. One of the most durable internal filling devices for furniture. The steel spring is covered with an additional protective layer of felt or synthpop.


Office chair upholstery

Office Chair Upholstery


The workplace should be not only functional but also aesthetic. It is best when the decorative upholstery is in harmony with the overall design of the office or workplace. You should also pay attention to the technical characteristics of the material for office chairs. These include:

  • density;
  • wear resistance;
  • environmental friendliness;
  • Moisture resistance.

Experts distinguish three main types of upholstery of office chairs:

  • Genuine leather;
  • Artificial leather: eco-leather and leather;
  • Cloth.

Within each category, options are different in the texture and price category of the material.

Genuine leather

Lux: The leather is of premium quality, soft and durable. Its porous texture retains its natural shine and easily adapts to different temperature regimes.

Buffalo: Leather with a special impregnation that protects the material from stains and moisture. Natural material has moderate elasticity.

Split: Durable and practical leather obtained by double vision. It has a rougher texture. It is characterized by increased wear resistance. The material is not susceptible to temperature changes and is resistant to mechanical damage.


This artificial material is divided into eco-leather and leather. These types of up stories are similar in their properties but differ in production technology.

Eco-leather Leatherette
Breathable cotton material coated with polyurethane film. According to the technical characteristics, it is similar to natural leather. Protected from moisture, does not crack, keeps its shape well.


ARTIFICIAL leather with PVC base. Resistant to abrasion and creases, does not fade in the sun, passes air, and is convenient to care for.
For upholstery of chairs, use dense textiles. This material is a universal coating, resistant to abrasion. Most often, this design is typical for employee chairs.


Textile Microfiber Grid

Mainly use synthetic material. This is a budget and universal solution for office chairs of staff. This design is characterized by a large selection of colors and textures. The fabric is antistatic, and no pellets are formed on the surface. The fabric imitates natural sums. To the touch, it is a soft material that is resistant to abrasion, does not peel, and does not fade in the sun. Microfiber can be woven/unstudy and knitted. Such a coating is easy to care for. One of its advantages is durability. The elastic material repeats the shape of the back and increases the comfort of the chair. Dust does not accumulate in the mesh fabric. The coating has high air permeability and resistance to moisture. There are two types of mesh: acrylic and reinforced. In the composition of the first acrylic, the second is a high-strength aramid fiber. Polymer braided material is resistant to tears. However, the mesh chair is not hot and comfortable.


Important parameters: load capacity and ergonomics

For safe and comfortable use, it is essential to consider the maximum load of the office chair. The parameters of the office chair should correspond to the complexion of the person. Before purchasing a chair, find out what an office chair should be for big people. To do this, pay attention to such a characteristic as the maximum carrying capacity. For tall and prominent people, chairs with a high adjustable backrest and a wide seat are suitable. An example of a computer chair for a significant weight is Brabix Premium “Heavy Duty,” which allows a load of up to 200 kg. The office chair is a mobile and modern interior item. It is equipped with parts that transform the seat – a detachable headrest, removable armrests. Also, the size of the office chair can be adjusted and changed to the height of the employee. The correct body location during work reduces fatigue and the likelihood of diseases of the vessels and musculoskeletal system. To ensure this condition, the chair must be highly ergonomic. Armrests and head restraints, additional rollers under the lower back, mechanisms for adjusting the height and position of the back and seat are responsible for this characteristic.

Before designing an aesthetic and ergonomic workplace, determine the appropriate price range, type of construction, material, the necessary carrying capacity, the presence of mechanisms, and additional accessories. For example, various configurations of chairs you will find in the online store OfficeMax.

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