Types of Ergonomic Chairs

Types of Ergonomic Chairs

As you know, long work in a sitting position negatively affects human health. Terrible effect on the musculoskeletal system uncomfortable posture due to improper stool. This question is now very relevant since most professions work in the office and at home in a sitting position. To ease the load on the spine, professionals have already developed many models of ergonomic chairs. What are an ergonomic chair and its features will be considered below?

What is an ergonomic chair?

Kneeling Chair Benefits

Why ergonomic? Because such chairs and chairs are designed for specific ergonomics and anatomical features of the human body. For example, the Trifecta chair. With such a seat, you will not feel tired and sore in the back. Instead, such a chair will support the back, maintaining a comfortable position—forThe name itself speaks of 3 features: ergonomic, economical, environmentally friendly.

Of course, sitting on such a chair, the back will slowly get tired because this is not a prone position. However, thanks to ergonomic designs, you can sit at your work much longer without getting up and feeling tired. The main thing to remember, sometimes you still have to get up to warm up. A small charge is beneficial for a sedentary lifestyle. However, it does not support muscle tone and good blood flow.

Such furniture is designed taking into account the physical and psychological state of a person. A feature of the ergonomic chair is its ability to maintain the most natural shape of the back, creating a comfortable fit. Since scientists have long studied the most comfortable positions of a person, then modern chairs are made according to these criteria. They allow, sitting at your workplace, to completely relax, and therefore ergonomic furniture is the surest option for the whole family’s health.

Types of such chairs

The modern market of comfortable chairs offers the buyer a wide range of products that differ in their characteristics and features. For example, different chairs have different backs, seats, etc. However, there are three main types:

Chair-saddle – this type is distinguished by a seat in the form of a saddle. Here the hips are not crushed, which allows you to sit and work for a long time. Moreover, it will enable you to keep your back straight and adequately load the muscles automatically.

Ergonomic knee chair Olympus – has a very unusual shape. However, it is proved to maintain correct posture, and therefore human health. The seat of such a chair is tilted forward by 15 degrees, and under the seat, there are special soft supports for the knees. This option completely relaxes the back and allows the child (mainly used for children) to sit for a long time and not to lose a sore back.

Balance chair is an exciting variety. Similar to a knee chair, but with a unique dynamic fit. Provides the correct position of the back and maintains health from problems with the spine. Such chairs are also very popular with children; they are happy to sit and do lessons. Some models of modern ergonomic furniture seem strange and, at first glance, not comfortable, but this is not so. See for yourself.

Also, chairs are divided according to their purpose: for children, for work at the computer and office (in principle, this is the same as working at the computer).

Children’s chair for posture

Children’s chairs include universal developments that can be adjusted in height and other parameters. Since the child is constantly growing, the chair changes the size seat crown, the distance from the back seat, and the length of the back itself. And of course, in these cases, a children’s chair of correct posture will be helpful to, in which a unique shape of the back is used, repeating the spine’s curve. Such chairs include the Trifecta child seat. With such a stool, a healthy spine is provided to the child. We will talk about them further and in more detail.

To work at the computer

work at the computer

There are a lot of options for working at the computer. Modern manufacturers are focused on this market segment, thanks to a steady increase in office workers. On the question of which ergonomic chair is better, doctors recommend asking the manufacturer about the following characteristics of the chair to understand whether to buy it or not:

It would help if you asked about synchro mechanisms that will automatically adjust the back of the chair to the spine’s position, lowering the load on the body’s muscles. This function allows you not to be distracted by a long adjustment but immediately start working on a PC.

Also, ask about the possibility of adjusting the height of the backrest and seat. Doctors advise buying those chairs where the feet, shins, and knees of a person are at an angle of 90 degrees. This contributes to proper blood circulation.

About the armrests and their adjustment, also consult with the company’s staff. If any, this will reduce strain from the wrist joints, so you do not have to slouch. Especially this addition is essential when working with the keyboard.

And most importantly. The ergonomic chair must have a roller or arch in a particular area of the lumbar region. This is the only way the natural light posture of the spine is preserved.

Rotating chair with backrest

Rotating chair with backrestAmong the large variety of chairs and armchairs, it is necessary to highlight a particular ergonomic option: with a rotating seat. This option is most often used in offices because you usually have to spin and get up. Using a rotating mechanism and rollers, the chair becomes as comfortable as possible: it is easy to turn around and stand up.

In these chairs, there is a possibility of adjusting everything. However, the ergonomics of the chair’s back and comfortable seating are preserved. A rotating chair with a tilted back is the best option for the office and the home. The seat on this is convenient and at the computer table and behind any other surface.

A series of ergonomic chairs Trifecta, which are and a brief overview

At the moment, the most popular adjustable chairs for children are the Trifecta series of models. The popularity is due to the vast experience of specialists with medical education. These people have developed a universal design of the back and seat for children of any age.

The manufacture of chairs begins with the choice of environmentally friendly material: birch plywood of the highest quality and wear-resistant fabric + metal fasteners. Perfect chairs have passed all the necessary studies and checks for safety and convenience.

The company has developed two models of chairs with different sizes but with the same convenient parameters:

  • Trifecta M – designed for boys and girls from 90 cm to a maximum of 157 cm.
  • Trifecta L – the second version is designed for an older generation of 120 to 180 cm height.

If these parameters a person has already crossed (the line of 157 and 180 cm), then urgently buy a second model of the chair, or a new type is made if the growth exceeds 180 cm. Parents should understand that sitting on such a chair with the above parameters is not convenient and dangerous for a healthy spine.

Caring for ergonomic chairs trifecta l and trifecta m is very simple. It is enough to rub all parts with a damp cloth: the back, wooden beams, and the seat. With such care, the beautiful appearance of the product is guaranteed to you.

When buying a chair, it is in disassembled condition. However, it is not difficult to collect it, and you can manage it in 5 minutes. The instruction is in the box.

As for people’s reviews, they are the most positive. Yeah, that’s true. Many people write pleasant reviews on the manufacturer’s website, discussing the convenience and ease of design (the company achieved this effect through birch plywood in the plan). Reasonable prices allow you to purchase vital chairs, even for large families. We do not exaggerate by saying “vital,” as every parent should understand how important it is to sit correctly and evenly. The usual persuasions and orders here can not do, especially with an uncomfortable and not the right chair. The child will still begin to slump, but if you sit on an ergonomic chair, the situation changes dramatically, which allows you to maintain a healthy spine for life.

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