Tips to Create Well-Searched Content Your Audience

5 Tips to Create Well-Searched Content Your Audience

Text nowadays accounts for the vast majority of the Internet. We mainly read the news, but we do not despise articles about cooking, sports, cars, or erotica. Unfortunately, all the pages on which these articles are found are indexed in an extensive online world that is becoming a hassle. Search engines such as Google, Bing, or Seznam. CZ. Search engines to count and view our content must optimize it and customize the individual articles we have.

A lot has been written about optimizing articles. It’s hard to know how to get around a rush of information. But you’re in luck. We have prepared five essential rules for you that will guide you through the most important thing that each article should have to appear “in search engines” in higher places.

Set a page caption

While it may not seem like it, a meta title or page title is one of the most important things you should edit to scroll through your search. The caption should capture what you have on that Page. It should be interesting, descriptive, and unique.

Mozplex, an American SEO consulting firm, states that the ideal length of a caption is up to 60 characters, including spaces. This should give you a 90% probability of being displayed if you use lowercase or narrow letters. Yes, that’s precisely what it is. Google measures the title in pixels, and the boundary you’re looking for right now is 600 pixels. Therefore, if you plan to compose a heading of 60 characters, mainly consisting of the letter W, M, or others, your title will end with three periods. In the case of W, you only need 36 characters for this.

The length of the title must therefore be adequately prepared and the words carefully selected. You can engage your exuberant imagination or use one of the whisperers/search engines. An example is Google Trends or Sklik, which we mention later in the article. When you’re done with the caption, check it gsp.rudolfsvatek.CZ. This innovative tool will show you what your title, URL, and label look like in the search engine. It can also convert individual characters to the pixels themselves. So you can hide the calculator.


For keyword search and other SEO activities, we have other valuable tools for optimizing search engines.

Describe your website

Meta label or otherwise Meta Description is a description of a web page. It’s a 171-character, 1,024-pixel short text that should let you know what’s on the Page. If you’re trying to achieve higher rankings in search engines, this label is one of the things you should change.

The content of each label should be keywords that describe what is on that Page. Below these words, you will also see an article in the search engine. Recently, the meta caption is not given as much importance as it used to be because Google already knows best what is on the Page. Despite this, the meta label will help you overcome a few, not only but also affect your CTR or click-through rate. Believe it or not, some people read the Page’s title in the search engine and the caption. Therefore, if your caption is apt, that’s only a good thing because it can attract many people to your website.

If you’re writing a meta caption, type it your way first. Then read it to see if everything fits as it should. And then one more time. After that, you can replace individual words with synonyms that people use more often in search engines, making sense to you. You can also change entire sentences. But how do you get the best words to search for? You can check out Google Trends or The Click Whisperer, which will suggest whole phrases for you.


We discuss selecting keywords in more detail in the article on choosing the right keywords from a beginner’s point of view.

Content itself

Don’t copy the content, use more vocabulary, write short and simple words, be creative, and make paragraphs. The text is understandable in proportion to how easy it is to read. If the text is full of foreign words and is complex, no one will understand it, and few will even read it. If you want to have quality is written and readable text, use the services of one of the copywriters or check out these 31tips to help you write your text.

As with the title and the website label, Page’s content is also part of the internet environment and is also under SEO law. Google can index almost all of your content. Many people mention the ideal number of keywords on the Page to help you make huge profits by searching. The perfect concentration should then be 3-5%, and you know what? Forget it. As early as 2012, John Mueller, Google’s web analyst, said no optimal number of keywords.

So write naturally and especially on the topic. Use keywords if you see fit, but don’t overwhelm the article with them. You may then be penalized.

Sufficient refrigeration

As part of the linking, we deal with references on your website. On the pages themselves, each owner has text that is but may not be accurate. You can also add credibility to these claims by inserting relevant references, i.e., sources or citations.

On the contrary, an excellent reference that we can use is a study confirming the positive effect of relevant external links or an article on referring to external sources by Martin Šimek. As a recognized expert on SEO issues, he writes quality and credible texts from which you can draw. Maybe one day, he will notice that we pull from it and link to our website.


We don’t use backlinks to your site here, but they’re still crucial for traffic to your sites. One way to get them is to publish so-called PR articles.

Of course, you can also link or link to yourself (internal linking). For example, if you’re into writing articles on SEO issues, it’s a good idea to include a link to another piece of yours that’s more comprehensive in a given point. In addition, if the article is exciting and well readable, the visitor will also click on the link to find out more.

Links are an essential part of SEO on your website. Nowadays, however, they do not pay enough attention to what they should. Write quality and well-read articles in which you will insert relevant links. If your articles are well written and trusted, other authors will also link to your site over time, adding to the trustworthiness.

Use images

When writing articles, using images in content is essential. People don’t keep their attention for long when reading articles. So use pictures on your site and edit them! They will help users find your Page.


You may need a link to our article on where to get quality photos for free and legally.

If you’re putting an image on a website, it can affect your search location, even if it may not seem like it. Standard errors are not naming ideas or not sorting alt labels – what is in the picture. For this reason, your thoughts won’t appear in Google or other search engine viewfinders. The data size of the photos is also essential. To optimize them, you can use, for example,, where a flat called Optimizilla will reduce the data size of your image for free. Or you can use WordPress plugins to compress images (if you use this editorial system). As a result, your pages won’t be flooded with large images and will load faster. Traffic to users using a mobile phone could also increase slightly, as not everyone who uses data goes to high-data sites.


There are countless tricks to captivate site visitors. Try pictures, exciting text, gifs, video, or some rich media format. Just something that the visitor notices and doesn’t just forget. There are countless possibilities. However, don’t forget to optimize everything you need when using it because you just come to the site without it.

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