Shopify VS Shoptet Comparison

Shopify VS Shoptet Comparison

Are you hesitant about which e-shop solution to start running your e-shop on? This article compared Shopify, the largest worldwide e-commerce platform, and Shoptet, the largest Czech e-commerce platform. Furthermore, we have compared their most important parameters to help you choose an e-shop system.


Introducing both platforms

Shopify is a global leader in the market for boxed e-commerce solutions. Over 1,200,000 e-shops use this e-commerce platform over 1,200,000 e-shops use this e-commerce platform in 175 countries. Shopify uses almost 700 stores in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. At least these numbers are listed by built with. You can read more about this platform in our article: Shopify Reviews.

Our partners

Shoptet is the Czech leader in the provision of e-commerce solutions. More than 22,000 entrepreneurs from the Czech Republic and Slovakia rent the e-shop for this service. All trades running on this platform have a combined turnover of over CZK 30 billion per year.

The main advantages of both Shopify and Shoptet are the possibility of quickly launching an e-shop that users can customize to their needs. And that’s without programming knowledge. You don’t need additional technical knowledge to start a store on a renegotiated solution, such as the need to know the server’s configuration or web hosting on which the store is running. Also, you don’t have to worry about system security and upgrade updates or backups. Of course, all this is the concern of the landlord of the solution.

Other advantages of renting boxed e-shops are their low purchase price. However, this does not reach even a fraction of the cost of creating tailor-made e-shops. For example, the advantage is the possibility to easily connect these e-shops with other third-party tools and services, which will save you routine work when processing orders or increasing the business performance of the store.


Basic parameters

The basic parameters of both platforms differ significantly. Shoptet’s cheapest plan costs almost half as much as Shopify’s cheapest plan. However, Shopify does not have the cheapest tariff limited by the number of products you can sell in the e-shop.

Shoptet offers small shops the use of their e-shop solution for free. However, they must have enough space in the e-shop for 10 products. In addition, they have 18 accessories that allow them to connect with goods comparators such as Glam and Heureka or an EET management supplement.

Shoptet tariff price list.

Shopify is originally from Canada. At Shoptet, this is a matter of course because its origin is in the Czech Republic. However, the administration interface and user support are also available in Czech.

Shopify tariff price list.

With Shopify, you need to be careful about electronic sales records. EET works seamlessly on this system, but you need to buy a Fakturoid.CZ add-on allows you to guide EET, plus it can also connect you to Money S3, Pohoda, Abra Flexible systems.


Appearance and design templates

Shopify I Shoptet offers 9 fine-tuned templates that can be used instantly for the e-shop. You can edit and set these templates differently using widgets or drag&drop editors. With the editor, everyone can adjust the layout of the e-shop pages.

More advanced users, with knowledge of HTML, CSS, JS, and, in the case of Shopify, also with liquid knowledge, can modify the appearance of templates on both platforms almost unrecognizable.



You can set up cash on delivery and bank transfer payment options for both platforms.

Shopify has a directly integrated Stripe payment gateway, 2Checkout,, and many more. If you want to connect your Shopify e-shop with more well-known payment gateways such as GoPay or ComGate, you need to use an external specialist or service to do so. However, it’s always a good idea to check the Shopify App Store in advance to see if anyone has already written a plugin (extension) to add the missing functionality to your store.

Available connection to payment gateways in Shopify administration.

Shoptet allows users to use different payment gateways. In the administration of the e-shop, there is a connection to the GoPay payment gateway. However, this connection is not available on the cheapest tariff. If you want to use a different payment gateway such as Stripe, ComGate, etc., you need to purchase an add-on in the Shoptet e-shop extension marketplace or hire an external specialist or service. Shoptet has a database with proven partners and specialists to help you set up your e-shop or marketing it.



Shoptet wins indirect connections to Czech carriers. Your e-shop can use almost all Czech courier companies and export orders to them. You can also have customers selected from the picking points of some delivery companies without any problem.

Example of direct connections to the carrier in the Shoptet e-shop.

With Shopify, you can also use the services of any transport company you can think of. However, there are not so many direct connections. You can easily connect with Mail order or DPDimmediately. For other carriers, you need to have the extension programmed. Shopify has a well-crafted API, so a handy programmer won’t have much to do with the next extensions.

There is not yet an extension in the Shopify App Store that can easily connect you to, for example, The Czech Post or PPL. However, this does not mean that you cannot set up these companies as carriers. Of course, you can, but without extensions, you will need to deal with exporting orders manually, for example.

Existence of direct connection to selected carriers at Shopify and Shoptet.


Connect to third-party services

Shopify is the largest e-commerce platform in the world. This gives it an advantage over shoptet. Shopify is naturally targeted by many developers because there is a great demand for different extensions on this platform. There are currently over 2700 of them available and can be viewed in the Shopify App Store.

Shopify App Store sample.

Easily connect your Shopify e-shop with many third-party tools and services. However, it should be noted that some extensions are subject to a charge as an add-on to the connection with accounting systems.

Shoptet is the largest Czech e-commerce platform. It doesn’t have thousands of connections on offer, but you shouldn’t miss anything here. Shoptet currently has 69+ add-ons. Connect with item comparators, marketing tools, accounting software, etc.

A sample of the third-party connection add-on (available in the most expensive tariff).

This makes it easy to connect both platforms to third-party services. These will help you manage statistics, improve the performance of the e-shop, or, for example, with the deployment of affiliate software (commission system). You can read about one of these in our article: AffilBox will help you build an online empire.



Both platforms are so-called box e-shops that will make it easier for you to start and operate your online store.

You could say that Shoptet is probably better prepared for operation in the Czech Republic. Also, not when it is a Czech e-commerce platform. Thanks to language mutations, you will have no problem going beyond the borders of our country with the e-shop.

Shopify is better equipped for the foreign market. It’s because there are more options for him. However, this does not mean that you cannot operate an e-shop on this platform in our country. On the contrary, you can start selling with us and then go conquering global markets.

This article aimed not to get an absolute winner but to prepare a comprehensive overview of the important parameters of the e-commerce systems. Which solution you choose ultimately depends mainly on your preferences.

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