27 Seo Tools For Digital Marketing

27 Seo Tools For Digital Marketing (Free/Paid)

We have already clarified the importance of optimizing search engine websites. Next, let’s take a look at the best online marketing tools to help you fight for search engine-appealing sites. These are both paid and free tools but are consistently compelling.

You can hire a specialized company to optimize your search engine pages or try to figure out the basics of optimizing yourself and fine-tune your site to perfection. This is far from an exact discipline. You need to try, tune and play with your website as its optimization grinds to model. Even at this moment, however, you must not fall asleep on your laurels. Search engine search engines are constantly changing their search algorithms, and it is up to you to adjust their pace and optimize to the new state. The following tools will help you optimize. 


SEO Tools List

Google Search Console

Would you like to see how Google itself sees your site? Would you like to know how he assesses them among your competitors? This is what Google Search Console is for. The tool was initially called the Webmaster Tool, but Google decided that it had a wide use of the device and was suitable for web admins and publishers or marketing staff. You must have a Google Account to use this service. After you sign in to the service, you need to add your website. The service then generates a unique code that needs to be added to the structure of your website. After that, you can have your website reviewed and find out a lot of important information.


Google Analytics

Google provides users with a variety of interesting data and tools. One of them is Google Analytics, which you have access to completely free of charge. These give data on both websites and mobile applications. Those who have activated their Google Account have access to them.

After logging into the service, you will get a measuring code that needs to be inserted into the structure of your site and thus link the analytics to the Page. After that, you will have access to the application, where you can view several critical data. For example, it is a detailed overview of your site traffic, bounce rate, session length, etc. You can view the data in a chart or a table. Thanks to analytics, you will also get access to so-called audiences, i.e., a defined segment of visitors based on demographics and interests, whose behavior can then be further explored. For example, if you run an e-shop, the quality of your visit will be a welcome figure to find out how many visits to the site ended in transactions and how many did not and the latest data in analysts on the probability of conversion.



From Ahrefs.com, you can download a paid comprehensive tool that includes comparison analysis with a similar website, keyword search, backlink research, content research, tracking search engine positions to specific keywords, and web monitoring. The tool can compare similar pages that are above in search engines and provide an analysis of why this is the case.



Senuto is a comprehensive SEO tool with the most significant keyword database for the Czech and Slovak markets. With Senuto, you can analyze keywords, monitor search results (SERP) and keyword positions daily, or, for example, examine the visibility of a site in search results.

Senate consists of more than 15 different tools that can be used quite easily to explore the competition, help you in content planning and, of course, optimize SEO for your project. One of the prerogatives of this instrument is that it is very fast in presenting the results of analyses. It is simply a full-fledged SEO tool that supposedly has more data for our region than Ahrefs.



The Semrush internet marketing tool will audit search engine optimization for specified pages, track the position of pages in the search engine, offer you new ideas on how to improve your position in search engines, compare your work with that of a similar page that is higher in the search, and analyze backlinks. It will further improve PPC, help with keyword analysis, add new keywords, and explore a competitive side in the same vein. It offers the same analysis for social media content. It’s a paid instrument; prices start at $100 a month.



On this site, you will find a wide range of tools for optimizing pages for search engines. These are paid instruments; there are three different payment schemes to choose from and can be paid annually or monthly. In addition, a search engine optimization course is available on the site free of charge. If you are well versed in English, it will guide you through the issue from the very beginning, through a treatise on search engines, on-page factors, content, keywords, link building, and UX (user experience). On the other hand, if you think you are already adept at this issue, you can take a test and get a certificate.

If you choose to register on the site, you will get access to comprehensive optimization analysis tools. However, if you don’t select a payment mode, you only have a limited number of keyword surveys and search results analytics available.

Control of all tools is in English. However, the keyword finder is also available in Czech; you will get a menu of many related key expressions with a wide range of additional information that you can orient yourself by, such as the recent trend for searching for these expressions, the average number of searches per month, etc. In addition, if you choose a word, you’ll see several very detailed additional information.

Search Results Tool (SERPchecker) can study search results for specific keywords in detail. In another Linkminer tool, you can enter your site’s address so that the tool offers you an inventory of the pages as possible relevant links. Last but not least, you can use a site profile to get a very detailed analysis of your site traffic, links to them, tagging the best content, such as whether people share it on Facebook, and learn about site visitors and competing sites.


Collabim. CZ

The Collabim.CZ service is paid, but its outputs are very valuable. You can try it for free for 14 days and then decide if its data is beneficial to you. Just register in the service, then add the website you want to explore, set up your user data, and you’ll have essential data available to you in no time. Keywords are thoroughly applied, and the service regularly introduces you to suggestions for new keywords that might be relevant to you. These include, for example, changes in the position of your website when you enter specific keywords, as well as analyzing the search for those keywords.

You can also view a content analysis of your site. You can also let the service track your competition — similar pages that you put into the app yourself, or have them designed by Collabim. Finally, if you decide that the service is exemplary, you can choose from several differently expensive programs.


Surfer SEO.com

Surfer is an SEO tool that can analyze over 500 on-page SEO factors and compare them with the top 10 in search results (SERP). Surfer SEO can explore competing sites with three tools. For these, it can find out what extra they have compared to your website. Without lengthy manual browsing of competing sites, you can instantly see the essential content passages, such as headings, structure, or highlighted (bold) text passages. Next, you get suggestions for editing content for the sites you’re viewing; you see the density of keywords in your text or which words and phrases you should add or remove from the text. Finally, a sophisticated Content Editor can help you edit content. As you type, it hints at terms that need to be added to the text or how long the text should be. All information and suggestions are based on complex data that Surfer SEO gets by analyzing competitors.

The advantage of Surfer SEO is that you don’t have to build your strategies and content creation on just intuition, but you can support your experience with accurate data. Furthermore, you don’t have to mine this data manually from competing sites, but you can get it in just a few mouse clicks. This saves you a lot of work and gives you a lot of data to help you create the best content and beat the competition with it.


MarketingMiner.com by Filip Podstavce

At MarketingMiner.com, there is a web analysis tool suitable for copywriters, SEO specialists, web designers, and web admins. You can also try this service for free, after which you can choose one of the paid tariffs. The service offers so-called data mining, i.e., a deep analysis of all aspects that can influence and significantly support website traffic. You can choose one of the so-called miners in the service, i.e., specific tools, according to the input data or depending on who uses them. The first case is a keyword miner, which ensures the correct behavior of domains, a URL miner, or an adoring miner. Miners can also be selected according to whether they are intended for copywriters, SEO specialists, web designers, marketing staff, link building, or PPC specialists. The service also includes an analysis of the site’s loading speed, which strongly affects page traffic and is the most used tool in this service.



Semor.cz by Vít Michalek

Another purely Czech tool for facilitating SEO activities is the Senior. CZ. In addition to the possibility to use SEO consultation with one of the teams of SEO specialists, Senior 3 offers the main functions:

  • measuring keyword positions in both Google and Seznam
  • registering and checking backlinks to your projects
  • inspection and analysis of project pages about SEO criteria (technical SEO)

An exciting feature of this tool is that it also offers a Freelance plan that allows you to manage up to 1000 projects, has many free features, and only pays for some measurements and only when needed. So if you have a more significant number of projects that you’re only doing in a bumpy way, you can subscribe to credit and use everything you need for a lot of projects while avoiding regular monthly fees for something you don’t use.


Sklik.cz Keywords Suggestion by Seznam.cz

A helpful application for analyzing site traffic also provides users with a List. For example, it is a tool for finding and offering keywords. With this tool, you’ll get suggestions for the specified term, along with more information about the search for these key terms on the List, their price, and competition. You can also enter negative words in the tool that you don’t want as keywords. You can specify that exact expressions, free or phrase, be added.


Google Trends

However, for Google to evaluate worldwide interest in this topic, it needs to be a more general term or a more familiar term and name, after all. If you have a Google Account, you can use the tremendous free Google Trends tool to see what’s in the world’s interest. Just type a specific query, name, or critical expression in the free box. Subsequently, you will see interest in the search for this expression, person, etc.

Interest can also be targeted to a specific country, period, category, choose whether to display results from searches in Purchases on Google, news, or Youtube. Last but not least, the expression you typed regarding interest can be compared with another. This displays a straightforward chart that plots a curve of interest in the two expressions side by side. 


Google Keyword Planner

Google offers its users various tools to fine-tune their site, although its search engine’s exact algorithm is closely guarded. Keyword Planner recommends the best keywords to use for PPC campaign creation.

You also need to log in to Google to use this tool, and the address of your website is filled in. Next, you choose a budget, that is, how much you want to spend per day if someone clicks on your ad. Next, you choose your target audience and then view the keyword menu for your Page. You will also find out the popularity of the query for this crucial term, i.e., how often it is asked through Google. 



A keyword analysis is a key to search engine optimization. If you’re wondering which one to use, try kwfinder.com. Here you just need to enter a critical expression, choose the location where you are moving, and the language. You will then receive a perfect analysis of whether it is an expression for which other keywords can be found easily or worse and a whole stock of different keywords that could be matched with the specified term. The tool is free, but you usually only have two search results per IP address within 24 hours. After registering, you will get 5.



On the Page, you can query for a specific expression, name, and so on. Soon, you will analyze how the word or name was reported and what interest there was in this term and what social media sharing is about. Search results can be sorted by period for the free version of the program. You can also choose speech, exclude from or include a domain search, set the nature of a post by word count, and choose from various content — article, video, infographic, walkthrough, etc. 

The paid version allows you to further sort by location. 



Again, it is a service that you can either subscribe to or use free of charge, in which case its use is limited. In this case, the benefit is limited to some tools from an otherwise wide range.

Use another tool, The Majestic Million, to find an adequate subsite website. Site Explorer Preview tools allow you to view a very detailed analysis of your site, its content, links, etc. device plugin to the internet browser is also available for free use. Thanks to this plugin, you can view page analysis at any time, in terms of the number of links on the Page, the number of links to the domain and subdomains, the number of parts from which the site has linked, the weight of ties, and several charts. There is also a domain authentication tool. For the paid version, all searches and analytics are stored on the site.


Free Broken Link Checker

Do you want to know if your site contains so-called dead links? These broken links can damage and reduce your position in search engines. On the Page, enter the address of your website in the free box and view the analysis. 



Here you will find a paid tool to help your SITE with PR. It will help you with advice on which influencers to reach, which bloggers to work with, give you a lot of stimulating suggestions on how to get your content to more people.



SEOmonitor provides analysis both to the organic operation of your site and to the one created by search engine optimization. It will give clear statistics, offer keywords, and compare competitors, including theirs and your position in search engines, which it will monitor for the long term. It is a paid tool; prices start from $200 a month. 


Ubersuggest’s Free Keyword Tool 

Here you get another keyword analysis tool; the site promises to improve the position in search engines after just 30 days. The analysis also lets you know in one place how expensive keywords are, i.e., how much you pay to enforce them in search engines. 


This tool provides a perfect keyword analysis. Not only will it suggest a few keywords that are right for your site, but it will also perform a thorough examination of those words about the cost per click. As a result, it will find a real treasure for you – words whose price per click is not high but can still be an exciting traffic source for you.

The instrument is international, suitable for all devices and languages. It is a paid tool, and there are three different programs to choose from. These vary in keyword searches in one day and the number of search results per keyword. As a bonus, the service also includes a rank tracker app that measures and evaluates the positions of critical expressions daily. The service is only available through a web browser; there is no need to install anything. If you choose the service, but then it does not suit you, you can unsubscribe within a month, and the money will be refunded to you.



The service at this address is suitable on the one hand for PR workers, on the other hand for journalists, because it can connect the two parties profitably. If you need to find out where they might mention your business or site and give them publicity, this tool is the right one. Furthermore, you can use the tool to find suitable journalists and create a so-called medalist, i.e., a list of journalists with whom it is possible to work in the future.

The app also works with social networks that can search and find the right influencer. Individual campaigns can be accurately quantified and compared in the application. The data can then be exported to different formats. On the other hand, journalists appear in the application that creates their profile and indicates their portfolio. The app can monitor if any of the articles have been shared or mentioned somewhere on the web. You can also set up notifications in the app when a specific piece is shared.



Do you have a website built on the WordPress platform? According to case studies on its website, the yorocket.com service promises to be able to attract new and new visitors to your site, with traffic up to 45 percent in a single week. So how will this service succeed?

You’ll probably wonder how this service handles languages other than English. Its strength lies mainly in editing the title and tag of the page header, which improves the click-through rate (CTR). Indeed, suggestions for editing the page title are only available in English. So if you’re creating a page in this language, you’ll need tips to build a label to have a higher click-through rate. However, in any language, you can analyze how two different headings of the same Page will work and then choose the right one accordingly.

He’ll take care of everything important at once. Yorocket can be used as a plugin for WordPress; thanks to it, there is no need to fill in many boxes and make sure that you do not forget something. Necessary also works with the Yoast plugin to improve search engine optimization.



This aspect could well inspire us in the Czech Republic. It is the perfect catalog of experts in internet marketing and web design, and website and application development in the United States. On the main page, you will find a simple form in which you choose both the area in which you are looking for experts, as well as the place in which the expert is to operate, i.e., UX, email, SEO, social networks, web design, video production, and others. You will then receive a list of companies according to the specified criteria with a short label, contacts, and user reviews. You can also search the catalog by city or by whether the company is oriented towards larger or smaller businesses. You can also view the largest service providers in a particular region. Companies can log in to the catalog themselves, but it is up to the website operators to include them in the catalog. Therefore, they should only be verified companies.



After registering, which you can also create for a trial, just add the website you want to explore to the app. The site offers a complete review of the specified website in terms of traffic. The app itself knows which country of the site they come from and offers search engines whose position traffic will be examined. In our case, it will also be Seznam. You must also enter keywords to explore the positions in search results. Keywords are offered automatically; you can add yours or get inspired by competing sites.

The site offers various handy tools to learn how much interest there is in your Page. You will find out if search engine optimization works, whether you have link building set up correctly, understand critical marketing analyses, and, last but not least, you can also analyze your position on social media. You can export your data to various formats, and you’ll receive an email regularly summing up your analysis.



You can try the service at the above address for 30 days completely free of charge; there is no need to pay anything in advance. Then, if you want to continue, you can opt for one of the four programs. The app will keep you informed daily about how your chosen keywords stand, even in the geographic region you define. The app can also divide the results into those from the computer and those that users searched through their mobile phone. You can also track your competition based on the exact keywords you use.

The application sends regular reports, which can also be stored in different formats. Suppose you don’t choose one of the paid programs. In that case, you can still use several free tools, such as a backlink overview tool, a tool to track the position of selected keywords, a keyword package creation tool, or a tool to find out how a search engine’s crawler robot (crawler) searches your Page.



Even this site can be tested completely free of charge first. It is a comprehensive analysis of websites in terms of traffic, which includes several indicators. In a clear interface, you just need to enter the company name and address of the website, then enter a few input data for the audit. Then you will get your first analysis, which will include the analysis of the newsagent, that is, where your visitors come from.

You can also view an analysis of page errors that may affect traffic, such as corrupted links or images or blocking search engine crawlers. You’ll also learn subpages that lack meta descriptions, pages with too little text, pages that lack the H1 tag, and other warnings about what can easily affect search engine optimization. The service also provides traffic analysis, even broken down by whether visitors access mobile or computer, conversions, and various critical data that you can store in different formats and then compare.


Local Citation Finder by WhiteSpark.ca

Would you also like to know where someone has mentioned your business or Page? At this address, you will find a paid tool that will not miss a single such mention, and you will always have an overview of your business name or page’s connection. This will help you respond adequately and on time.

In the service, you set up your country, city, and finally, the expression or expressions you follow. You can also create several different projects — for different search terms. For example, you can search for a business name, phone number, business name, and city. After a while, you will receive results to analyze even further and export to different formats. You can also use a tool to compare your results with your competitor’s. You can generate data, or regular automatic analysis can be ordered. The tool can be tested for free, but only when it comes to using; specific data is available only after payment.



On this page, you can subscribe to a newsletter in which you will get all sorts of tips and tricks on improving your site’s position in search engines. You subscribe to this newsletter completely free of charge; there is no need to pay anything; the newsletter is also free of advertisements and links to online stores. You get it twice a month; the newsletter is in English.

You will also find a link database on the pages. They promise to help you build quality links on your site. Here you will learn how to reach publishers whose links could significantly improve your position in search results and start a fruitful collaboration with them. You can also download a variety of case studies in which you can learn. So you will find a large number of materials here to study optimization. All you have to do is accept English as an understanding language.


Website Penalty Indicator by FE International

Google changes the search algorithm 500 to 600 times every year. This is top secret information that only a few insiders know, who are not allowed to disseminate it in any way. However, for marketers and web designers, this is essential information that can significantly affect search results. They will only learn that something has changed later, only by significantly changing their search position, without any apparent reason. You can easily see if Google has changed this algorithm on this site so that the change has affected you.

All you have to do is enter the address of your website in the form, then the search engine for which you are looking for information because there are different national Google mutations to choose from. Next, you write the security code, and then you see a traffic chart. At the same time, you will also find out the release of a new algorithm and easily see if it has affected you in any way. You can also export a table of important data to an image and save it.


Google Markup Helper

Surely you’ve noticed that Google also displays a whole host of other data in search results than just a link to a page. These include, for example, the evaluation, the date of the event, etc. We call data expertly structured data and will greatly help your site in search results. So how do I get Google to include your pages in structured data?

First of all, you need to let the search engine know that your site contains this structured data. To do this, use the form on the Helper page for working with structured data tags. First, you need to indicate the data type and web address of the Page. Next, you’ll see your Page highlighting some important information. Next, a form appears on the right side of the Page, which needs to be filled out carefully. Finally, click the HTML code generation button. This will then appear, and you put it in the HTML header of your site. You can also generate code to mark the content of an email in HTML format. The interface is in Czech, so just follow the instructions.



How hard is it to choose the right keywords? Many marketers could tell about this. Fortunately, several tools help them search for these words.

One of them is the tool on the Page. Here you have a search box where you start writing one expression, the main one for your pages. The site will start offering you a variety of subcategories; choose one. You will then see a variety of keyword combinations along with information about how often these keywords are entered in the United States. Finally, you’ll see a search results page for these keywords if you click the context link.

Unfortunately, this site does not offer assistance to those who create pages in languages other than English. However, if you are preparing, for example, an English version of your site, you will use the keyword offered.



From this agency’s website, you can download a special tool to track all the important factors for optimization. SEO Spider Tool is an application that you can download to your computer for free. Installation takes a while; you can choose between default installation and customized according to you.

The free version offers to create an analysis for 500 addresses; the paid version offers unlimited amounts. After entering the internet address, the application searches the Page in detail, and you can view the analysis. Thanks to it, for example, you will find broken links that can hurt you in search results; the application will also analyze the metadata in the header and page title; thanks to the application, you can back up a whole range of data that is not content but is important for the position of your pages in the search engine, such as meta tags. In addition, the app will help you discover content on the Page twice and could hurt you again in search results. You can see which subpages block robot access and integrate Google Analytics into your site. The application has an amicable interface, but you must not mind that its control is English.

Another tool you can download from these pages is the Log File Analyzer Guide; the free version offers an analysis of 1000 addresses. With this app, you’ll find out how spambots see your Page, i.e., bots that use the search engine to index available pages.


Xenu Link Sleuth

From this address, you can download the Xenu app, thanks to which you can detect broken links on your Page. If your site is bulky, it may very easily happen that one of the links doesn’t work. Of course, finding it “manually” is tough; the link can lie on some nested page; moreover, it is not humanly possible in a multi-page project. If the search engine finds such links on your site, it can lower your Page’s rating and may cost you valuable positions in search results.

You will download the application in a moment, during installation. You only choose the folder where the program will be saved. After you start the program for the first time, click the Check URL button and enter your site’s address. You can also specify links to remove from the search. In addition, you can specify the search links very precisely and specify the email to which the summary analysis is sent. Then click OK, and the app will start analyzing your site. This will take varying lengths of time, depending on how bulky your site is. In the end, you’ll see a notification that the check is complete to let the app email a report.

The results of the analysis show corrupted links that may be displayed depending on where they were referenced or from which they were linked, as well as a list of pages that have been redirected. You will also find a map of your website. Last but not least, you will learn detailed statistics, such as how many HTML pages were loaded, how many images, and in what format.

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