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A way to boost your page’s ranking with a search engine can be natural science. But a few principles are easy to follow, even for laypeople. Without a doubt, this is quality content and also quality links. Quality text is important for both.


Quality content for your site

It’s mainly good content that makes your site quality and well-rated. It is a question of what you can publish to your website, there are several options, and it depends on what your site or e-shop is dedicated to. You can have a glossary of terms, counseling, news that will concern your company, the field in which you operate, instructions, opinions of experts from the company, interviews with them, and reports from events in which you participated. If you’re worried that you cannot create quality text, hire a copywriter for this job. Don’t forget to share any new content on social media. Even this is an important way to boost your page’s rating. It is also possible to hire an expert, a social media administrator, for this activity.


Advertising or PR?

You can publish content on your site. But how do you get them to write about you somewhere else? First of all, you can pay for advertising, but it is financially demanding, and some users may distrust it. Furthermore, PR, Public Relations, i.e., external relations, which are tasked with establishing a relationship with the public and presenting the company in the best light, can be used. This should, of course, be a long-term strategy, not a one-off event. However, it also includes so-called PR articles, which are now perceived in a broader context than before, not only as press releases but as any articles they write about the product or company.


How to get into the media?

PR articles can only marginally mention a company and its products or services while addressing a specific issue. The more attractive and original such an article is, the greater the chance that a medium will publish it. You can try to send the article to the media yourself or with an offer to deliver a unique article. It’s not easy to get in the media’s good graces. It is always necessary to think about why the medium should publish our article. Is he so readable, attractive, and interesting?

If we describe what a great product we have developed, the article will not interest the reader, and therefore the medium will not. But if we manage to have the article published on good media, we have won. Let us also mention that there is no charge for publication in this case, while the scope of the article can be considerable. Therefore, as can be seen, the creation of exciting content cannot be underestimated. On the contrary, it must be pursued in the long term.


Link farms produce poor quality content.

Another way to publish PR articles is to pay for their publication (sometimes their creation) on specialized websites, occasionally link farms. These are pages where articles are uploaded for a fee, articles are related to each other. The website operators promise that by placing the article here and creating a link, the page rank of the original page will be lifted and become known in this way. But is that the case?

First of all, it must be admitted that, although this is not some obvious fraud, it is not a completely pure method. It serves to deceive search engines. These sites aren’t for people to read. Their traffic is minimal. For this reason, it is not important whether the article published here is of good quality and whether anyone is interested in it at all. The main thing is that it is externally published somewhere and leads from it a link to the original pages. Link farm search engines are well known, and therefore their influence is minimal, if not negative. So again, we recommend investing in really high-quality texts and not in ballast, which has no information value and not only will page rank not improve your site but will not bring you new visitors.


The fight against ballast

Google even pledged some time ago to fight poor-quality content and called in visitors themselves to fight. For example, thanks to the Personal Blocklist extension, it is possible to mark directly in search results those pages that, according to the user, produce empty content that was created to optimize for search engines. At the same time, the user sends this data to Google, where they should subject the pages to examination and possibly cancel indexing. Therefore, it is not recommended to create both fraudulent content and inferior quality content, which optimization smells like a hundred hunts.


To not unknowingly use some tactics perceived as unfair, we recommend reading about other practices categorized as black hat SEO.


Easy to earn, but no effect

PR websites, or content or link farms, belong more to the past. It offers that you can join them, but you can still find them now. For the website operator, this is effortless earnings. They pay very little to the authors who write for them. Most of them are students or those who do not have too many skills and experience. Other costs include just paying for a domain, space on the web, and checking the site from time to time. Therefore, it does not attract new visitors and does not improve the site’s ranking by the search engine.

We will repeat each other, but we advise you on quality at the expense of quantity, which is worthwhile even in the long run. So what principles to stick to?

  • Produce quality content on your pages, remembering the frequent update and the generally valid sections and the generally valid sections.
  • Try to connect with quality media in your industry. Then, in an infructuous and non-aggressive way, inform them about what is happening in your country or the field.
  • Choose a strategy in the long run over a short-term one.
  • Show yourself as an expert in an industry whose expressions carry weight.

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