How To Start An Online Shop Quickly And Cheaply

How To Start An Online Shop Quickly And Cheaply

Have you found a hole in the market and would like to start running an e-shop? You have several solutions to choose from, which we will be happy to introduce to you.


Business on trial

Have you always wanted to do business, but you haven’t mustered up the courage? Running an e-shop will allow you to try your business, but at the same time without too much cost, for example, renting offices or shops and warehouses. It is here that it will show how skillful you are and how much you can learn. Internet marketing is a highly vibrant industry in which something new is happening all the time. If you are attentive, you will find that you can significantly influence sales and possibly shine and kick-start your business. Moreover, you can run the e-shop in addition to your regular profession at the beginning, so you do not risk losing the job that feeds you. And if things go well and sales rise consolingly, you can become a full-time entrepreneur.


Tailor-made e-shop is the most demanding and expensive.

Let’s start with the most challenging option, demanding both finances and on-time and professional help. This is the construction of an e-shop on a “greenfield.” That is, the inventing of a unique solution. Such an e-shop will exactly meet your requirements; it can be exciting and original. On the other hand, creating such a solution is not easy, as is the e-shop program. In this case, you can’t do without the help of a web design professional. It would help if you also remembered that you have to secure a webspace in which you will operate the e-shop, i.e., web hosting. Furthermore, you must not forget to ensure the correct domain, i.e., the www address of your e-shop.


The exact price and finish time are not exactly known.

Depending on how extensive this e-shop will be and how many features it will allow, the price for the development of this e-shop will also count. It is not a cheap thing. Moreover, the price for creating an e-shop is not very easy to estimate at the beginning. This is because developing a brand new e-shop is a live project that can change considerably during implementation. However, the price you pay for the e-shop is final; you do not pay any additional monthly fees or only fees for managing and supporting the e-shop if you cannot do it yourself.

A tailor-made e-shop will be challenging to build by someone who intends to run the e-shop only as an increase. It is also difficult to correctly estimate the time of completion and launch of the e-shop. It is always necessary to consider that the e-shop will show certain shortcomings that need to be addressed in the first days of operation. Therefore, it is a demanding solution even for the contracting authority, which has to test the e-shop for a certain period. Therefore, this solution is suitable for larger companies and e-shops with many professional backgrounds and fully engaged in online sales. 


E-shop rental

If you do not want to deduce how the e-shop will work and look, you do not want to wait a long time before it is programmed and tuned, and you need to start selling as soon as possible to take advantage of it the rental of the already finished e-shop. You can get such an e-shop up and running in just a few clicks; the control is intuitive, you don’t need any expertise. In addition, this solution also offers a specific lease of web space, so you don’t have to worry about web hosting either. You can find many of these solutions on the Czech Internet, for example, shop. Czar Webnode. CZ. However, you can also use foreign e-commerce platforms, such as


There are many templates.

If you opt for one of the pre-prepared templates, it certainly does not mean that you would choose a herd unified solution that can be seen at every step. Many websites offer the creation of an e-shop and possible templates so that everyone will choose for sure, and it is certainly not true that the e-shops are too similar. In addition, each template can be modified; its background, images, box size, etc., can be edited. These are not ordinary e-shops at first sight, but sophisticated solutions that will impress.


Simple e-shop or other services?

If you choose to order the selected template, you usually have the option to test it for free for a certain period. After that, you will select one of the offered programs, it can be a mere rental of the e-shop, but there are also many additional services available. For example, bulk exports and data imports, data exports for The Czech Post or other carriers, warehouse management and statistics, support for online payments using various payment methods, accounting systems, and a wide range of additional services are supported. If you order only an e-shop and rent a particular webspace, then count on prices that start at several hundred crowns per month.


Professional e-shop thanks to the template

So, as you can see, thanks to the pre-prepared template, you can run a truly professional e-shop with everything, including the accounting system. It is just necessary to consider that the monthly fees for using the e-shop will increase accordingly. But, on the other hand, you will also get the support of your e-shop. If you notice any outages and shortcomings, contact the landlord, who should fix them immediately.


Free e-shop

You can also set up an e-shop on open-source platforms such as OpencartPrestashop, or WordPress. WordPress is primarily CMS, but you can turn it into a full-fledged e-shop by installing a free WooCommerce plugin. Although you won’t pay a penny for these solutions, it is certainly not an amateur solution or offering few options. The opposite is true; you can add any number of productions, categories, and manufacturers, you can set up payment terms and gateways, etc. The essential functions and features of the e-shop can also be extended using free or paid modules (plugins). This way, you can put together an e-shop precisely according to your needs. However, you have to consider that you do not have professional support and that you have to solve all problems yourself. It would help if you also rent your own web space. However, if you study the controls enough, you get an excellent service at virtually zero cost.


Social networks are also reporting.

We should also not forget to mention the possibility of creating an e-shop on the Facebook marketplace. This social network offers a reasonably simple interface for creating a store and adding items, as well as a well-targeted trade med. In addition, the operation of this store is completely free of charge.

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