How to Choose the Right Keywords

How to Choose the Right Keywords for SEO (For Beginners)

Words control our lives, and we’d have a hard time without them. This also applies to the Internet, where we use them every day. We enter them into search engines, showing us the websites corresponding best to our search query.

However, often it is a problem for many of us to choose keywords before creating content. But don’t despair. We have prepared an introductory course to learn how to perform a fundamental keyword analysis and choose the best words to use.


Start thinking

First of all, think about your website. What is it about, what is on it, and what visitors/customers come to you at all? For these customers, then make a list of what they are so interested in. Furthermore, what problems they have or what language they use to describe the things they need. Google Analytics, whose codes you must have deployed on the web for successful measurement, can also help you do this. In the behavior/search section of the website/search terms, you can find a list of words that visitors came to your site under. However, in GA, you will also find a description of your customer – whether the man is, what device he is using, where he is from, or what interests he has.

If you’ve made an overview of your customers and what they want, think of long-tail words or long-tailed words. An example can be shown in our predator Alex in the picture below.

An example is news coverage. A lot of people search the Internet for news. In search, there are so-called “generic” words or also less specific words. If you choose this word, your traffic will skyrocket. Unfortunately, your Page’s exit rate will also increase, as your website is about sports news focusing on underwater rugby. Most people, however, are more interested in football. Therefore, add more specific words to your keyword selection to describe your site better and tell search engines exactly what your Page is targeting.

On Alex’s tail (or if we replace his body with a more conventional graph below it), we can see that with the choice of more specific words, the search for these words on the Internet decreases, and competition decreases. However, your visitors are of high quality, looking for exactly what you offer, and will hardly leave the site.

Search engines in use

In the united kingdom, we can meet more search engines. CZ, Bing, Yahoo, Centrum, Atlas, Jyxo, and others. There’s a lot of them. Different keywords apply to each of these search engines. However, search trends are similar. Focus on two search engines, Seznam. Of course, Google is the most used, but we can also find Seznam. CZ Google because they are simply the most used.

We will start here with Seznam because we think it is more workable, better, and more suitable for the hinting of Czech words.



Google is an American California company founded in 1998, according to Wikipedia. Sergey Brin and Larry Page founded it. Google is the most widely used search engine in the world and practically controls the lives of all of us because when it stops working, hell will break loose, as was the case in 2016 in the united kingdom.

However, we will focus on one more minor part that it contains, namely Google Trends. Google Trends is a search system that tells you how often to search for a given keyword in the united kingdom and other countries. Like the List tool, it can compare the searchability of a word with another. Again, we can see a kind of decrease in the trend in snow search in the summer months.

However, Google Trends will also be admitted related queries — queries containing your keyword. You can then filter these queries as queries on the rise or, on average, most often searched on the Czech Internet. In addition, Trends will also suggest related topics that you could focus on when selecting keywords.

In addition to Trends, you can also use the google search engine itself for analysis. If you type a keyword into the search engine, you’ll see expressions at the bottom of the Page that you can also use.

You can also use the Google whisperer itself, which of course, also has a List. This whisperer will show you the most searched words/words after entering a keyword, but you can also find them in queries we’ve reviewed before.

Seznam.CZ is a Czech search engine founded according to Wikipedia in 1996 by Ivo Lukačovič and probably also by his faithful dog Kristy. She, unlike Lukačovič, can be seen everywhere on the homepage of Seznam. Seznam.CZ, website is the most visited Czech website. However, you can use Sklik to design keywords as well as manage campaigns.

Sklik is an advertising system that allows users to enter advertisements, manage keywords, and optimize campaigns. To enter this advertising system, you need an email from Seznam.CZ. A smaller budget for campaign management.

You can find the keyword design section in the system itself, as shown in the figure below. You enter the keyword you chose in the search engine. The system will find you its search, annual trend, competition, and price at which advertising can be purchased. In addition, it will also tell you the words that contain your keyword. So, when choosing keywords, follow a sufficient search compared to the competition, and select long-tail words/folders that we described earlier.

If you search for keywords on the List, would like to avoid The Click and only do a lighter word analysis, you can use its search tool, which you can find here.

The tool will show you the trend in the search for the specified word and compare the word with another word you typed. We entered a comparison of two keywords into the system, namely snow and sunshine. Subsequently, the system has been able to admit the search for these words during the year. With a surprise, we can see that there is no demand for snow in summer, but on the contrary, the sun is blowing.

However, the system will also advise you on the “multi-word phrases” that contain your keyword, as was the case in Sklik.


Keywords in campaigns

If you already have selected keywords, you can use them on your website or in the campaigns themselves. For campaigns, however, there is a minor problem. Each keyword has an average monthly search rate. Therefore, select a sufficient number of keywords to ensure that visitors get the proper intervention.

You can do essential search ad campaigns in many ad systems. Use the Sklik above or Google Ads (not Google Adwords). Both methods will offer you the option of targeting, for example, a region or allow you to deposit the amount of money you want your ad to show. In addition, they will also tell you how many people on average enter your keyword into the search engine.

So plan a balanced ad campaign with enough words to bring your corresponding audience to your website. Use Long Tail words to bring you quality visitors, but don’t forget about more general keywords. Sklik and Google Ads guide you through scheduling your campaign and tell you how many keywords you get weekly visitors.

So now you know how to analyze keywords already searched for by your visitors and get inspiration for new words from search engines and associated tools that provide their operators. You can then use them to create more searched content, optimize, for example, existing articles, and better target advertising campaigns.

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