How I Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

How I Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

Do you run a website, or are you going to do it? And what would you say that a site could earn you some money without selling something yourself? You will only need to place a link on your site, and you will receive a commission for each purchase made through it.


You only pay when the goods are sold.

All this is possible thanks to affiliate or partner marketing. There are two sides to it. It is, on the one hand, an advertiser, such as an e-shop. On the other hand, the operator of a website, such as a blogger. For example, he will talk nicely about a particular product on his website, and, in addition to the review, he will also place a link to purchase that product. If one of the readers clicks on the link and actually buys the product, the blogger gets a reward. It is an advantageous marketing tool for the e-shop, as it pays only for the realized sale, i.e., for the click that led to the purchase. This is a very profitable business for both parties – the site operator receives money for his recommendation, the e-shop operator will increase sales.


Do you know where shoppers come from

Do you know where shoppers come from

Of course, all this does not happen randomly, but everything is accurately quantified thanks to cookies. These will store information about the buyer’s visit to the site, where the buyer comes from, and who recommended it. Even if, for example, the first visit does not take place, if the buyer returns, the commission belongs to the blogger. This is if the buyer does not return the goods within 14 days, to which he is entitled by law. It is worth remembering that affiliate marketing also includes various price comparators for goods and catalogs, such as The Handrely. The e-shop provides these comparators with information about the goods sold in the form of an XML feed. Thanks to this, comparators offer a list of goods with all basic parameters and a link to purchase in the e-shop.


Where to get cooperation?

If you are an e-shop operator, then the question arises about getting a website that will agree to affiliate cooperation with you. The first way is to address them yourself or to clearly display the possibility of affiliate marketing on the e-shop website. The benefits of this trip are less cost. You only pay commissions to the blogger. In this way of promotion, the e-shop operator must take care of where the goods will be sold and offer them.

Another option is so-called affiliate networks, in which anyone can participate. Just provide more detailed data about your e-shop, its offer and enter the essential conditions for cooperation. This is primarily the size of the commission, which ranges in the order of units up to tens of percent. The length of validity of the cookie is also stated. Basically, the number of days that so-called cookies apply in the shopper’s browser and thus how long it is taken that a particular blogger recommended it. Of course, the longer the cookie lasts, the better for the blogger.

Affiliate networks will help you find both sites that place links to the sale of your goods and the entire system, thanks to which you and bloggers will get an overview of sales and commissions. If you are self-partnering, you must obtain this software. Moreover, it must be trusted software whose data the blogger will respect.


You earn

For anyone who runs a website, affiliate networks are a good opportunity to let their site earn at least some of that crown, even if only for the site’s operation. On the affiliate network website, you can choose from various e-shops, which are divided by industry. It is also possible to inform you about specific conditions. The publisher then creates an account on the network, and after entering a few information about himself, it is possible to get the whole system up and running in no time and go on sale.


Check the list of specific affiliate networks operating in the Czech and Slovak markets and find opportunities for your project.


How to influence sales?

A partner, i.e., a website operator, YouTuber, or blogger, has several options to influence sales. If he places a link to buy goods, he probably won’t get gold.

The first step is already important, namely selecting a suitable partner, i.e., an e-shop. Then, from the logic of the matter, it is advisable to try to sell such goods, which is close to the topic of the page. For example, on the blog of a mom who writes about her daily worries, these will be products for children, an enthusiastic athlete will provide links to the sale of sports goods.

A contribution to the cause will also help, which you will need to share your own experience. Furthermore, it is possible to bind to the sale with some special graphic element highlighting. Therefore, the advertiser should offer, for example, banners that the blogger can download and place on their site. Here, too, it is necessary to regularly change the offer and offer readers something new all the time. This is what can attract and attract buyers.


Of course, you can also influence sales by increasing traffic to your site. For this, it is possible to use so-called PR articles or other optimization tactics for search engines.


Only paid for the sale made.

Affiliate marketing is one of the tools of online marketing, sometimes cited as a kind of competition of PPC, i.e., payments per click, which is very inaccurate, even misleading. Unlike payment for clicks, affiliate marketing pays only for the finished sale and is therefore very exact performance marketing. While PPC needs to choose a keyword that the advertiser will pay for, it clicks first with the idea of buying in affiliate marketing. The visitor knows that he will get to the sales website to make a purchase.

Affiliate marketing does not only offer the possibility to sell. This tool also allows you to require the visitor, for example, to create a registration, “subscribe” to send a newsletter or to answer questions. In this case, the commission is not paid as a percentage of the price but is fixed.

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