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Best WordPress SEO Plugins

Search engine optimization ( SEO) is essential as it can bring many new visitors to our site. However, if you don’t want to study precise optimization methods but want your WordPress site to be visible, you can use several automatic tools.

These are plugins or plugins that you can use to enrich your website, which you created on the WordPress platform. Thanks to plugins, you will get perfect optimization analysis, errors can be corrected immediately. Plugins are straightforward to include in WordPress. Just download and install the plugin and add it in WordPress using the Plugins menu.


Yoast SEO

It is the most widely used WordPress plugin used to optimize search engines. After installing and activating the plugin, it is possible to run the analysis at the position of the searchers. This shows both problems, such as that keywords do not appear in essential places or are insufficient. In addition, you will also see points that are correct in terms of optimization and suggestions for improvement. Finally, you can also see how your Page will look in search results, even on your mobile phone.


All in One SEO Pack

This pluBoth beginner and advanced users will use these plugins don’t heat anything, examine, cor heck anything; the program can only be let work. Advanced users can make all settings “manually” at their discretion. The plugin automatically sends notifications of changes to the Page to Google and Bing, preventing double content. The plugin is translated into 57 languages. Unfortunately, Czech is missing among them.


Premium SEO Pack

It’s a paid plugin, but it offers advanced features that you can pretty much win with. With the plugin, you can compare up to five competing sites concerning the keywords you specify. In addition, the plugin offers two types of reports, one for Google’s page rating, the other for critical terms. By purchasing a product, you get six months of support.


W3 Total Cache

The W3 Total Cache plugin improves the position in search engines, even for pages optimized for mobile phone display. In addition to SEO analysis, the plugin enhances the loading speed of the site, which is important both because of the visitors to your website (too slow loading can discourage them from visiting the Page), but also because of google’s “grading,” which includes the loading speed in the page rank page rating.


SEO Squirrly

You can also use this plugin if you have other SEO plugins installed. You don’t have to uninstall them; the plugin will work as it should. The plugin works even if you’re creating and writing the content of your Page. Even during the creation, it gives you advice on what you should improve and what you should not miss. This is before you save the page design. Use the plugin to see how your site rates Google, to see how pages appear to search for clients who have entered a keyword in the search engine.



With the Rankie plugin, you will learn every day the Page’s position in the search engine on the specified keywords. You’ll also receive a list of relevant keywords that users have searched for most in the recent past. Rankie will create reports for you regularly, which will show the trend of display in search engines. If someone visits your Page after searching google, the plugin will also show you the keyword they used. All plugin activities are recorded, and you can view them later.


All In One Schema Rich Snippets

Do you know what rich snippets are or nicely Structured Snippets in Czech? We’ll tell you straight away that this is a convenient element that can entice users to click on your site in search results. This is the user’s information next to the page name and address in the search results. With the All In One plugin, you can then create and add structured snippets to your site. This can include, for example, page ratings, images, event dates, etc. These structured snippets work not only on Google but also on other search engines, and your site can push upwards significantly. plugin



With the WP Meta SEO plugin, you can edit all metadata in the fastest way possible in WordPress. The plugin allows you to analyze each of your Page and helps you correct any errors in terms of optimization. Furthermore, the plugin can suggest the right keywords for you. Thanks to another tool, the plugin will resize all your images if necessary due to the slow loading of the Page and the thus affected position in search engines. The plugin will also take care of image labels and metadata that many forget.

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