10 Best Office Chair Under £200 UK

10 Best Office Chair Under £200 UK 2021

Since the work you do involves sitting in the office for about 8 hours, comfort is essential not to have any health problems that will give you a headache. To be as good as possible, you need to use a chair that allows you to feel as comfortable as possible, support your back and head well, and help you have a suitable position. Best Office Chair Under £200 UK,  Such a product you can easily buy online, and by going through the list below, you will have the chance to see some top models. If you don’t have time, we tell you that the first place is SIHOO Ergonomic Office Chair, a model that looks good(brown, with fabric and mesh upholstery) and is comfortable (adjustable height, rocking chair, tongue support). It is based on wheels to make it easier for you to travel short distances and is built on a durable metal frame. If you want to see another model, in 2nd place, we have Kring Orion.


Best Office Chair Under £200 UK

If you enter the websites of online stores, you will notice an extensive range of models, and it may be pretty tricky for you to choose. To make your purchase more accessible, we have prepared a list of some of the most appreciated articles.

SIHOO Ergonomic Office Chair

SIHOO Ergonomic Office Chair

This might be the best office chair for some people because it’s a model created based on three critical criteria: functionality, innovation, and aesthetics. It will allow you to feel very comfortable when you’re at work so that your body doesn’t feel too tired after 8 hours of sitting at the office.

It’s a type of wheeled chair at the base that will allow you to move short distances and rotate without getting up every time. Its dimensions are 92 x 22.5 x 64 cm. You can adjust it to height so that you adjust it to have a correct position. It is equipped with quality pillows, a high spacer, padded arms, and a balance function to feel a high degree of comfort.

As for the materials used in the making of this office chair, you should know the following: at the frame, you will meet a very durable metal structure, the upholstery is a combination of mesh with fabric, and inside, you will find a soft and comfortable sponge, both at the seat and arms, as well as at the headrest and in the lumbar side. This model can support a weight of up to 100 kilos. It is brown (also available in shades of black and gray), and at the back, the mesh part is black. Of course, the cost is a little higher, so prepare a generous budget.


  • It’s equipped with wheels at the base to make it as easy to use as possible.
  • The structure is metallic, which means it will have a long lifespan.
  • At the back, you will find mesh, a quality material that will allow the body to breathe.
  • The brown color predominates, but it can also be purchased in shades of black or gray to best match the space you want to use it.


  • If it’s not on sale, the purchase price is relatively high.


COMHOMA Ergonomic Office Chair

COMHOMA Ergonomic Office Chair Best Office Chair Under £200 UK

We are now bringing up an office chair at a reasonable price, suitable for looking for a model with organic leather upholstery. This product has a hard plastic frame and at the base shows wheels. The latter is black, shows pronounced seams on the entire surface, and is easily cleaned. It’ll be durable and easy to use.

The shape of the spacer is wavy, which for many people is not exactly comfortable. In addition, there is no adjustable headrest or adjustable handles. However, you can opt for a height from the ground seat between 44 and 54 cm to have a correct position in the middle. Thus, the total size can be between 108 and 118 cm, the width it occupies on the ground is 68 cm, and that of the pillow on which you will stand 65 cm.

This chair model can support a weight of up to 120 kilos and is also equipped with rocking to relax as well as possible. It has an affordable price and the delivery costs around 15 lei. The biggest problem with this model is that it does not have solid handles. Several users complained that they gave in shortly after the purchase. So be careful not to put too much weight on them.


  • It has a generally pleasant appearance because it is made of organic black leather and has pronounced seams.
  • The height is adjustable, which will allow you to adjust it to your liking – 44-54 cm.
  • Allows the spacer to be swayed, so you can relax in a pleasant way when you want to take a break.
  • It doesn’t involve a substantial financial investment.


  • The handles are not of the highest quality because they give way if you leave a lot of strength on them.


Hbada Ergonomic Recliner Chair

Hbada Ergonomic Recliner Chair

Kring manufactures some of the best office chairs, and this model is one of them. It is made of quality materials: metal – telescope and its support, plastic – wheels, arms and legs, organic leather – upholstery, sponge – inside. They make it durable and appreciated by most buyers, even if some complain that they are not satisfied with the thickness of the sponge or the way the skin looks after long-term use.

This ergonomic desk chair has an adjustable height, from 48.5 to 58.5 cm, and is suitable for slightly taller people. The back is solid, but it doesn’t have an adjustable headrest. The arms are qualitative and have an organic skin application at the top, both for appearance and comfort. This model is black but can be available in other shades (grey, red, beige, brown).

Buyers have noticed a small, disturbing balance, even when the lever for this equipment is not drawn. However, the wheels at the seat base will allow you to move quickly through the office, without getting up every time, and the balance function to relax as well as possible during the small breaks. Still, the manufacturers say that it is a peculiarity of this model, not a factory defect.


  • Quality materials were used in its making to be as durable and pleasant as possible in appearance.
  • You can adjust its height so that you can make sure that your feet sit well on the ground to have a suitable position.
  • It’s available in several colors, which will allow you to choose the right one for your office.
  • It’s based on wheels, which will make it very useful.


  • He’s always got a delicate balance on the spacer.


Cherry Tree Executive Padded Office Chair

Cherry Tree Executive Padded Office Chair

The product we want to talk to you about now is a directorial office chair, which will help you stay in the correct position not to have problems with your back or cervical area if you spend many hours in front of your computer.

Due to the way it looks, it is a model designed more for gamers because it has a comfortable shape for when you sit relaxed on the back and inserts with cushions at the top and lumbar. They can be moved up and down, depending on how you need them. At the same time, the seat can be left on its back, is adjustable on height, has adjustable handles, and rotates 360 degrees.

This product has fabric upholstery, allowing air to circulate to be comfortable even when boiling and sweaty. The height can be between 124 and 136 cm (46-58 cm from the ground to seat), width is 53 cm, and depth of 54 cm. It is recommended for people who have up to 100 kg.


Hbada Compact Office Chair

Hbada Compact Office Chair

Looking for a gaming chair that you can adjust in as many ways to feel comfortable when playing for many hours and not think through the back and cervical pain? Then we recommend this product, which is an ergonomic executive chair.

To give you the comfort you need, you can adjust it so that you stand with your feet correctly on the ground; you can raise/lower your arms, you can leave it on your back when you want to relax, and you have the opportunity to position where you feel you need your headrest and lumbar pillow.

This chair model has upholstery made of organic leather and mesh for a high degree of comfort and is black with orange inserts. It offers a depth of 54 cm and a height of 55 cm. The spacer is 84 cm and, in total, can reach up to 135 cm. It can rotate 360 degrees, based on stable wheels that help this. It is recommended for a weight of up to 120 kg.


Hbada Ergonomic Executive Office Chair

Hbada Ergonomic Executive Office Chair

This model could be suitable for gamers since it is ergonomic and will provide a correct and comfortable position in the seat. You can adjust its height from 120 to 128 cm (tail 45-53 cm), you have comfort in the hands, thanks to the support for the forearms, which are equipped with cushions. Furthermore, you can rotate with it up to 360 degrees, and you also have a detachable headrest.

As for the materials used in its manufacture, steel was used for the frame. It increased strength. The wheels are made of polyurethane not to scratch the tread, and the upholstery is made of synthetic black leather with red inserts.

If you are interested in other dimensions, find out that the width of the spacer is 52 cm, that of the seat the same, the height of the handles 31.5 cm, and that of the spacer 75 cm. Therefore, it can support a total weight of 150 kg and weighs 21 kg.


SHA Racing Office Chair

SHA Racing Office Chair

We want to talk now about a desk chair quite ergonomic for people who don’t spend extremely much time on it. We say this because it can be adjusted to height, rotates 360 degrees, has wheels but shows no handles, adjustable spacer, headrest, or other such adjustable elements.

The width can be between 875 and 975 mm; the width is 460 mm, and the depth of 480 mm. The distance from the ground to the seat can range from 485 mm to 585 mm.

This chair is built on a durable metal frame and is dressed with pink textile trim with grey inserts, so female people most often prefer it. It is usually an option where parents seek such pieces of furniture for little girls. The recommended maximum weight is 70 kg.


mFavour Ergonomic Office Chair

mFavour Ergonomic Office Chair

This article can be both a children’s and adults’ office chair. He has a generous, comfortable spacer made of mesh, so you don’t sweat and have no problems with back pain. The seat part is upholstered with mesh, the arms are made of plastic, and the base is made of chrome metal for increased strength.

This is a green desk chair that can be adjusted in height, from 46 to 56 cm, so that you stay in a comfortable position. The base is equipped with 360-degree rotating wheels, so you can travel small distances through the office without getting up from your chair. The seat dimensions are 48 x 48 cm.

If you’re wondering what the maximum weight this model can sustain, well, it’s 100 kg. So it’s not a product that costs a lot, but on the contrary, it has an affordable price.


Yaheetech Ergonomic Office Chair

Yaheetech Ergonomic Office Chair

This kring desk chair is a suitable choice, especially for modern spaces, with a simplistic design, as it would fit perfectly. It’s a black pattern with silver details on the arms and base. It is made of a fabric that prevents sweating, which will give you a high degree of comfort in the back. In addition, the seat shows layered elements (like the spacer, for that matter), which will make you feel even more comfortable after many hours of sitting at the office.

You will find organic black leather outside this chair, a durable and simple material to clean. The frame is made of chrome metal, with very high strength and an elegant appearance. The wheels at the base are made of hard plastic not to scratch the surface on which it is placed.

This model’s dimensions are 106-114 x 55 x 61 cm, and the weight it can sustain is about 100 kg. If you want to relax for a few minutes when you’re at the office, you’ll find the space and the balance function. This model comes disassembled, so you’ll have to mount it after you get it. Regarding the price, it is not a very large one, but it is affordable, and transport costs quite a bit, up to 15 lei.


  • It has a modern and elegant design, being made of organic black leather and having handles with silver details and the bottom in the same shade.
  • It is quality; the frame is made of chrome metal and stainless steel legs.
  • It can be adjustable on height, stay as fair at the office as possible, and have the function of balance to relax as well as possible.
  • The quality-price ratio is a fair one.


  • It requires installation when the package arrives, which for some buyers is not very pleasant.


Executive Reclining Desk Chair

Executive Reclining Desk Chair

This executive chair from Kring is more special than other models in that it can reach a minimum seat height of 38 cm and a maximum of 48 cm. Therefore, it’s suitable for people of more diminutive stature. Furthermore, its length is 53 cm, and its width is 57 cm. Therefore, the total height is between 82 and 92 cm.

This model is ergonomic, with a tall spacer with constant support, preventing back and neck pain at long-term use. He’s also equipped with handles that will help you rest your hands. The seating part is provided with a comfortable sponge, upholstered with fabric.

This article is a cheap office chair, which also has swinging, to relax as well as possible. The base is equipped with wheels, and the seat itself can spin not to force your spine in any way. 100 kg is the maximum weight that the model we’re talking about can sustain now.


Buying Guide

To make your work as comfortable as possible, you’d better look for the best office chair for yourself. It must be chosen carefully to be ergonomic and suitable for your measurements and tastes. Since we want to help you in such an acquisition, we will present below several selection criteria that could be useful to you:


 In any office, we can meet several models of chairs. Here are the most common:

Executives – are the choice of most people because they allow an ergonomic position, which means that you will not have back, neck, or hand pain after working about 8 hours a day at the office. In addition, they are generous in size, usually have adjustable height, come bundled with all kinds of valuable inserts for the comfort of the back, head, or elbows, and often have the base with wheels for moving short distances.

Classics are those models that we meet in any home with four legs and a spacer. They can be varied in terms of design and are used mainly by people who do not spend much time in the office or for those who occasionally enter your workspace.

Tabs are found in places where there is not much space and are especially helpful for people you contact during working hours. They’re not very widespread, but they’re a financially affordable option.

Unconventional – here, we refer to the more “weird” models. On the market, the range of products of this kind is very varied. For example, some use large balls as chairs, others all types of armchairs in different shapes. , Such items can be uncomfortable if you want to use them at a table but pleasant for relaxation.

Extensible – are the right option for employees who have a large office and want to install a chair in that space to help them relax during work breaks. They may have relatively high prices, but they are varied in terms of design.



This product comprises two parts: the seat, with/without a spacer, and the frame/feet/base.

At the top, we can meet a lot of types of materials, for example:

Natural skin – it is resistant over time and has unique air. However, it doesn’t have excellent finishes; it can be pretty expensive and is not recommended for eco-friendly. It’s thicker than artificial, but it’s one layer.

Organic leather – we also meet it as artificial leather, and it is the variant that we find most often in the executive chairs for the office. It comes with perfect finishes, can be of various colors, has an affordable price, and cleans easily. Of course, it’s not as time-resistant as natural, but it’s a perfect choice for people who are against using animals for such purposes.

Textiles – materials of this kind are a good choice because they do not become sticky when you sweat in summer. They can have multiple colors and patterns, be particularly attractive from a design point of view, and are pretty cheap. The big problem here is that they will look pretty bad in wear and tear and are harder to clean.

Mesh – it’s the ideal option for you if you don’t want to have problems with sweating because it ventilates very well. It will also provide a high degree of comfort, durability, and easy maintenance.

We can also meet wood, plastic, or rattan, which is correct, less often, because they are pretty harsh materials and are not very convenient to a long time used. But, on the other hand, they are resistant, can have various colors, and are not extremely expensive.

At the bottom, in the case of the frame, base or legs are usually found hard and resistant materials, such as steel, hard plastic, or wood. However, they must be chosen carefully because they can support a certain number of kilograms and have a longer lifespan.



When you want to buy office chairs at reasonable prices, an important role can play in and how they look.

Color – you will have to choose it to match the way the entire space is furnished. If we talk about pale, warm shades and a more minimalist style, a good option would be to choose a white article, cream, etc. If you opt for something classic, a black chair will easily fit in. If you like the most diverse and cheerful shades, you will also meet on the market red, yellow, blue patterns, etc.

The shape – in terms of this detail, you will notice that differences occur, primarily at the level of the spacer. If that’s right, it could be pretty uncomfortable for several hours at the office. So the most recommended variants are the slightly curved ones.


Key features: 

Specific details can differentiate a genuinely ergonomic chair (as it should be a model for the office) and a classic one. Therefore, for this selection criterion, you must follow the following aspects carefully:

The possibility of height adjustment – is significant because it will allow you to have a correct position. Ideally, you should stand with your feet on the ground and your back as straight as possible.

Wheels are helpful in an office chair because they allow you to travel small distances without getting getting getting up every time you want to walk a few centimeters through the office.

Handles – they will help to support the hands and rest them when they are most requested. Their absence can be quite an inconvenience if you spend a lot of time a day at work.

The headrest – is an essential feature for neck comfort. If you have pain in this area, buy an office chair with such an insert.

Rotation – helpful function for when you want to turn around at different angles without asking for your spine or having to get up from your seat.

Balancing – it’s a detail found in models that will also allow relaxation in the small breaks you have. But, again, everything is made very simple, with the help of a mechanism located in the middle of the seat, under the seat.

The massage function is highly recommended if you notice that sitting at the office requires a lot of your back and not enough ergonomic articles. So when you have a little time, you sit in the massage chair and relax deeply. But to improve posture and strengthen muscles, you will also have to try plank exercises.

Extensibility – it is also appreciated for relaxation. Imagine how nice it is to have a chair that allows you to stretch your legs a little when you feel like they’ve swollen from sitting too long.


Sustained weight:

 Before making the final choice, do not miss a significant detail, namely, what k is ofommended in a particular model. This is especially essential for people who weigh more than 90-100 kg.

If you do not choose a product well according to this criterion, you may have the unpleasant surprise that it will give way faster than you expect, or you will simply quickly realize that you have committed an error because you will not have comfort.

This is the essential information you need to consider when looking for cheap and good office chairs. So keep them in mind and see what offers you can find in online stores.



Can the desk seat plunger be replaced?

The answer to that question is yes. So, if you have such problems, find out that you can replace such a piece. But, first, you need another compatible, then a rubber hammer, a French key/screwdriver.

For starters, turn the wheelchair up, take the hammer, and beat gently until you remove the part with the wheels. Then, after the French key’s help, remove the plunger and replace it with a new one. Finally, grab it all back, and that’s it.

If you don’t have a French key, use a screwdriver to remove the screws that catch the seat part of the base, then with a hammer, beat gently to remove the plunger. If it is difficult to remove, use a flippant solution (lubrication).


How do I repair/change the wheels of the office chair?

It’s harder to repair because it’s more challenging to get it into its original form since such a component breaks down. So it’s best if you change it. And no, you don’t have to replace the star altogether since the problem is on one wheel.

Search the online sites for one suitable for your seat model (you need to know the desired diameter, wheel size, and type), order the product, then change the old one to the new one.

How do you do this? First of all, it’s necessary to turn the wheelchair up to have easy access to it. After that, unscrew the problem wheel, rotating clockwise. If it doesn’t seem to work, you can try using oil to help lubricate it and then catch the wheel with a towel and see which way you have to go to get it out.

If it doesn’t seem to be okay either, it’s very likely to be a system with the swivel plate, in which case you’ll have to use a screwdriver that will help remove the defective part.

The replacement will be done with ease, by threading or pushing, as is the case with the chair you own.


How do I recognize an ergonomic office chair?

An ergonomic office chair is recognized according to several features, guaranteeing to some extent that you will purchase a truly comfortable model.

It must have adjustable height, adjustable handles, curved spacer, adjustable headrest, wheels at the base, and a rotation system. Track the existence of these features, and you will have a correct position in the chair and its use helpfully, without forcing your back in any way.


How much does a cheap gaming chair cost?

Don’t expect to be able to buy a gaming chair at a meager price. The most affordable models revolve around 500 lei. You can only get lower costs than that if you get discounts. A qualitative model, genuinely comfortable and with a pleasant and attractive design, also requires a suitable investment.


Is a secondhand gaming chair good?

If you get a chance to see that chair and check the condition, it looks in, yes. Some people want to make an update and sell their models somewhat older at affordable prices. It’s a little risky to do this if you buy it online from people who are not trustworthy because you may be surprised that the pictures/information does not conform to reality.


How do I clean an SH office chair?

A good option would be to turn to a specialized company with all kinds of appliances and solutions to make your seat look new. If not, you search the market for cleaning products for the materials from which your article is made and see what you can do.

Help can also be a vacuum cleaner that cleans with steam or allows penetration in tiny spaces.


How to mount your desk chair

The moment you order an office chair, you’ll usually have to take care of installing it and make it ready to use. Whether we are talking about use at home or work, we present helpful tips in such situations.

They do not fit all models of chairs because some come, for example, with the base part already installed, others have separated only the seat on the spacer, and others are fully mounted. But if they come disassembled into as many pieces as possible, the following information may be helpful.

Study the assembly sketch, identify the parts and tools you need

First, you need to gather some information about what you have to do. You see the manual because in it you will be told quite clearly what is necessary. Make sure you have all the pieces and identify them correctly. At the same time, provide the tools you need in the assembly process if you do not include them in the package.

If everything seems to be all right, there are no missing parts, and you have the proper utensils. Arm yourself with patience and see what you can do.


Take care of the installation of the base first.

Here you will need to consider fitting several parts. For starters, fix the amount tied to the wheels. Next, you’ll have a star that they have to be caught either by screwing or pushing.

Next to installing the plunger, insert it into the middle hole so that it is safe and stable, and then take care of the protective support inserted into the pipe.


Carefully mount the seat.

Next, you’re going to have to take care of the seating part. It catches the metal mechanism at the bottom of it for starters, then, by screwing, unites everything with the base. Squeeze the screws well so that they don’t move and provide you with maximum comfort and safety.


Install the spacer

Depending on the seat model, the backrest must be installed after taking care of the seat or before. You’ll have the necessary instructions in the manual on the bright side to know exactly what to do.

It will be necessary to insert some screws and tighten them as best as possible to fix everything so that it does not play and does not deteriorate due to incorrect mounting.


Attach handles, headrests, or other parts

Now, you still have to take care of catching pieces that will most comfortably help you use the seat. Screw the handles, place them in the proper headrest, rear cushion, or extra seat cushion. Everything needs to be worked out as best you can if you want to enjoy the ergonomics of your chair.


Connect the cables in case it is a massage model.

If the item you have purchased also offers you the massage function, you will also have to deal with the connection of the necessary cables. In general, here, you have to join various plugs that will connect the seat to the spacer, between the system and the remote control, and connect everything to the electrical grid.

Then test what you can do with the remote control to relax on days when you feel you need a moment of pampering.

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