10 Best Office Chair Under £100 UK

10 Best Office Chair Under £100 UK 2021

Sedentary employment certainly has many advantages, but it also has risks to human health. Sitting in the same position for hours is unnatural for body anatomy. Most often, the cervical or lumbar spine begins to protest first. Ignoring warning signals can then exacerbate the problems. You can limit the impact of long-term and regular sitting on your body constitution by using an ergonomic office chair or chair with different adjustment options. The best office chairs Under £100 UK can comfort and reduce spine pressure, making them ideal if you have to sit down for many hours every day.

These unique, sophisticated armchairs are suitable not only as equipment for a classic office; they are often used by people who work from home or spend a lot of time at the computer, such as playing games and the like. You will appreciate comfortable sitting during work and entertainment.

Therefore, we have prepared a review of office chairs, which are currently among the most popular and offer a favorable price-performance ratio. You can choose according to your requirements and financial options because we have included models from different price ranges in the selection.

In addition to the test itself, we have prepared a shopping guide for you. You will understand what parameters and factors are critical and what options the current offer offers.


10 Best Office Chair Under £100 UK 2021

EUCO Office Chair

EUCO Office Chair

EUCO Office Chair Reviews The first place of the office chair test was a genuinely top model, satisfying even very demanding users and people who spend many hours sitting down at work every day. This chair is excellent at home and position and is optimized for computer work, including computer games.EUCO Office Chair appeals with a stylish design, but above all with excellent features. The chair is designed for people up to about 180 cm, and the load capacity is up to 130 kg (recommended 100 kilograms).

The basis of the structure is a solid steel frame. The tilt mechanism allows the slope of a very high backrest up to 150° angle. As a result, the maximum height of the seat above the ground is 52 cm, the depth of the heart is 45 cm.

The artistry is very ergonomic and high quality; the chair ensures maximum comfort and supports the correct position of the spine. There is adjustable lumbar support and height-adjustable armrests. The gas piston is German-made, the wheels are very quiet, rubbery. The covers are made of charming and durable fabric.

What pleases

  • Luxury chairs for demanding
  • Load capacity up to 130 kg
  • The specially shaped backrest can be tilted up to 150° angle
  • Very durable construction
  • Ideal even for lengthy and frequent sessions
  • Swing function

What freezes

  • More for slim to medium build


Yaheetech Office Chair

Yaheetech Office Chair


Yaheetech Office Chair review is a quality office chair at a reasonably affordable price. This model is designed in a classic, exquisite design and is especially suitable for the office environment. The seat’s height is adjustable in the range of 48-55 cm; the depth of the heart is 70 cm, the width is 67 cm; the load capacity of the chair is about 130 kg.

Halmar Desmond ensures a high level of comfort for the user thanks to the ergonomically shaped backrest. In addition, he gives the impression of luxury, as the covers are made of eco-leather. Tilt drive allows comfortable and smooth height adjustment, and there is also the possibility of swinging; you can easily adjust the backrest backpressure rate with a control screw.

The armrests of the armchair are comfortable and very nicely processed, the cross is made of durable plastic, the wheels are rubberized so that you can use them even on hard floors. In addition, the armchair is available in three different colors.

What pleases

  • Very comfortable and sturdy armchair
  • Easy to assemble
  • High load capacity
  • Quality eco-leather covers
  • Elegant design

What freezes

  • Fewer setup options


Hironpal Yellow Velvet Office Chair

Hironpal Yellow Velvet Office Chair

 Hironpal Yellow Velvet Office Chair Reviews At first glance, the Mercury Lotus armchair impresses with a very novel and elegant design. This model is suitable for office and home use. Even at a reasonably advantageous price, it offers sufficient quality to be appreciated by even more demanding users, such as managers. Mercury Lotus has a load capacity of up to 90 kg, the height of the seat is adjustable in the range of 46-56 cm, the width without armrests is 47 cm, the depth is 46 cm, and the weight of the chair itself is 18 kg. The covers are very friendly, leather. The chair has a locking mechanism with locking in the primary position; the armrests are tilting, the cross is plastic and the wheels.

The armchair is suitable for everyday use (even 5-6 hours) and is available in various colors. This model offers comfortable and ergonomic seating combined with an exciting look at a reasonable price.

What pleases

  • Excellent design, quality artistry
  • Tilting armrests
  • Rocking mechanism
  • Bargain price
  • Easy to install

What freezes

  • Lower load capacity


Life Carver Mesh Office Chair

Life Carver Mesh Office Chair

Life Carver Mesh Office Chair review is affordable and yet a quality office chair suitable for home use, but you’ll appreciate it most when equipping a meeting room, for example. This model offers the possibility of adjusting the seat’s height in the range of 49-58 cm. The depth of the heart is 67 cm, the width is 61 cm. The chair’s weight is only 13 kg, yet it is dimensioned for a maximum load of up to 120 kg.

The steel chrome base and the interestingly made backrest made of very airy material (mesh)look very elegant, which will give you better comfort when working on hot summer days. This chair also has a locking mechanism that allows the counter-vouch to be set. The wheels are plastic and are therefore more suitable for softer floors. The armrests are made of a combination of chrome metal and plastic.

What pleases

  • Good quality even at a meager price
  • Very fast and easy to assemble
  • Comfortable
  • Retractable backrests made of netting
  • Lightweight

What freezes

  • Plastic wheels are unsuitable for more complex surfaces.


Hbada Office Chair 

Hbada Office Chair 

Hbada Office Chair Reviews The Relax Halmar armchair is, at first glance, a fairly robust model with an exciting design, dominated by a hearty padded backrest and seat and chrome cross construction. This model has a tilt mechanism, and the maximum seat height is 54 cm, while it can be reduced up to 46 cm. Seat width is 64 cm, depth is 75 cm. The chair weighs 16.4 kg and provides a maximum load capacity of up to 130 kg.

The structure also includes a rocking mechanism with locking in the primary position and a control screw for adjusting the counter-level. The armchair emphasizes maximum comfort, and the covers are made of quality eco-leather.

It is a quality yet affordable armchair that can be used in the office environment and home use.

What pleases

  • High level of comfort
  • Interesting look
  • Multiple color variants
  • Good load capacity and durability
  • Comfortable eco-leather covers

What freezes

  • For some products, poorly pre-drilled screw holes
  • More difficult to assemble
  • Lower quality rocking mechanism


How to choose the best office chair?

Getting a chair that serves for work or plays and on which you can spend even a few hours a day should not be hasty. Our office chairs review showed you six very high-quality and exciting models, but you may not yet be clear about what parameters are important when buying an office chair or armchair.

That’s why we’ve also prepared a guide to help you figure out which office chair to buy to match the time you spend on it and the activities you’ll be doing on it.

Questions when choosing an office chair

A quality office chair or chair can be pretty expensive. That is why careful selection is essential. More importantly, you may be able to use this tool almost every day, often for many hours. Essential thanks to this, you can get a comfortable chair or chair tailored to your needs. However, it cannot be easy to define your requirements precisely enough. However, the right questions can help you. It will allow you to get a more specific idea of the product, and the search in a wide range will be much simpler and less frustrating.

  • How often am I going to sit in a chair? – This is a fundamental issue so that we will look at it in more detail below. The intensity (time) of use should depend on the choice of type of chair or chair, its quality, mechanics, etc.
  • What load capacity and size do I need? – The user’s body proportions are also significant when choosing. Choose the load capacity of the chair according to your weight, but with a sufficient margin. Durable chairs with a higher load capacity generally last longer. On the other hand, they can be difficult, unsuitable for moving. Dimensions are also critical, not only for their comfort but also for the space in the room.
  • How many people will sit in a chair? – Ideal, of course, if you can have the chair all to yourself – especially during intensive use. Universal chairs are more suitable for unpretentious, short-term use. If more people use the chair for an extended period, it is essential to focus on high adjustable options.
  • What material and appearance do you expect? This question looks pretty subjective, but it is necessary to consider it practically, especially for the material. For example, the predominance of metal parts increases durability and the chair’s weight; the leather is luxurious; however, in summer impractical and quite demanding for maintenance, etc.
  • How much can you invest? – The question of price cannot be left out, and we will continue to address it.


Choosing a chair according to the intensity of use

We have already mentioned that the intensity (length) of use should be considered when choosing. It is a parameter that is important in terms of the demands on ergonomics and the quality of the chair or chair.

  • Use within 4 hours a day – These are chairs for less demanding use, on which you spend no more than a few hours a day. Of course, you can also reach for a more affordable model without unique, expensive mechanics or health features (but of course, you can enjoy this comfort, especially if you suffer from back pain or other difficulties).
  • Use within 8 hours a day – If you spend most of your working time on a chair, it is already advisable to reach for an ergonomic model with high-quality mechanics and good adjustment options, especially backrests, lumbar armrests, but also armrests. So it is worth investing in these options and the overall quality and durability of the artistry.
  • More than 8 hours a day – Chairs for very demanding use should provide maximum comfort and support. Choose advanced mechanics and total adjustment and positioning options, including armrests and other details. It is advisable to try the product in person.


Is there any difference between an office chair and a chair?

These terms are essentially interchangeable as a rule, but you may also encounter a distinction between a chair and a chair in some cases. The primary and fundamental difference lies in the degree of variability and adjustability, from which the usability of the equipment also depends.

Office or gaming chairs are often considerably more flexible than armchairs. They usually have adjustable armrests, and the angle of the seat and backrest can also be adjustable. Expensive chairs may offer other options.

The chair looks more robust and comfortable than the chair at first glance, thanks to the more pronounced padding, but usually, only the seat’s height is adjustable.

Chairs also have more sophisticated ergonomics. This, combined with the adjustability, pursuits them for widespread and long-term use much better than armchairs. It is usually not advisable to spend such a significant amount of time. You can generally use both chairs and armchairs at home and in the office.


Armchair parameters


One of the critical parameters is the load capacity of the chair or chair; this figure should not be overlooked when choosing. Most products have a load capacity from about 100 to 130 kg, but you can also find lower (from about 70 kg) and higher values (up to 180 kg). Therefore, it is not always wise to take a chair “tailored” to your weight. On the other hand, if there is sufficient reserve in the load capacity, the risk of malfunctions and defects is reduced, and the service life of the equipment increases.


Seat height

Almost every office chair allows you to adjust the seat height at least. The range is different and is stated by the manufacturer. The usual span is about 8-10 cm and begins most often at about 45 cm. The lowest and highest positions are essential because people of more diminutive stature can have “legs in the air” in case of too high a minimum height; taller individuals will not know where to put their limbs at insufficient maximum size comfortably.

In addition to these parameters, the width and depth of the seat are usually stated, as well as the overall height of the chair. Here it depends on the specific character. As for the backrest is always more comfortable and ergonomically advantageous for a sufficiently high backrest from which your head or shoulders will not shovel.


Armchair components


As a rule, the cross or chair chassis has five arms and can be made of different materials. It is usually plastic, nylon, or metal (e.g., aluminum). The most excellent durability is provided by the metal chassis, which generally handles even high loads. Reliable nylon would be placed in the notional second place, and affordable plastic would last.

However, this does not mean that the plastic cross cannot be of high quality and perform its function. However, it is more suitable for chairs with a lower load capacity or a lower frequency of use.



When choosing a chair, the material of the wheels is also essential, especially about the floor on which you will use it. Standard plastic wheels are suitable for soft feet. However, for hard surfaces, rubber or rubberized wheels are much more advantageous. This is because it prevents scratches on the surface and also reduces noise when moving.

An exciting option is the braking wheels, which you will encounter on more expensive models. They work by slowing down the reels when loaded, and you can move around on the chair. The chair will not get away from you when sitting or getting up. The brake, on the other hand, is activated in an unsealed state.



Armrests, i.e., armrests, can be fixed or adjustable. For more ordinary chairs, you will usually encounter a fixed variant, while for many chairs, armrests can be set in several ways.

  • Height adjustment – This basic setting should allow armrests for frequently used chairs.
  • Top rotation, forward, or backward rotation – these options usually offer better models.


Backrest and armrests

The backrest is often ergonomically shaped for long-term and regular use in office chairs to support the spine’s natural shape and reduce the negative impact of long sitting on health. For better models, the backrest can be adjustable. A regular part of the backrest is also a lumbar backrest and headrest.

In particular, the lumbar support is critical and should also be adjustable (height, possibly forward and backward). It is the optimal lumbar support that significantly influences the natural and healthy position of the spine. The headrest is then used to release the tension of the cervical spine from time to time and to relax.



For example, the armchair cover can be upholstered, leather, leather, or mesh. You will often encounter synthetic eco-leather, which is significantly more affordable than the real one, yet looks great and has similar properties. But its lifespan is not so high. Upholstery is of high quality, comfortable, and durable but identical to leather, more expensive. On the other hand, the mesh is very modern, affordable, and airy so that you will appreciate it, especially in hot times.


Drive type

Finally, let’s take a look at the type of mechanics. Although we are the last to mention this factor, it is certainly not the least important – on the contrary. The longer the session, the greater the dynamics the mechanism should allow.

  • Rocking mechanics – this option is a basic variant and occurs in ordinary office chairs that do not allow the backrest to be adjusted. The mechanism also allows you to adjust the counter-payment that the backrest will affect you.
  • Permanent contact – this is a function that occurs in chairs with adjustable backrests. When “arming” the backrest, it supports upright and healthy seating in constant contact with the backrest.
  • Synchronous mechanics – this option is also suitable for demanding, eventful jobs. Both the seat and the backrest monitor the user’s movements in different positions.


How to sit correctly in an office chair/ chair?

How to sit correctly and “healthier” and set a chair or chair? Here are at least a few basic rules for you:

  • Use the entire seat area, i.e., sit as far back as possible.
  • The loins and back should be in contact with the backrest. Adjust the lumbar supports as needed to support the lumbar part of the back.
  • The knee socket should not contact the edge of the chair but about 5-10 cm from it.
  • When seating, adjust the armrests to support the elbows.
  • To avoid hunching over while sitting, set your monitor to a sufficient height.
  • Adjust the height of the chair so that your feet are in contact with the ground.
  • Try to get up as often as possible or perform various small stretching exercises.

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