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10 Best Office Chair for Home 2021

Due to Corona, around 60% of all employees currently work from home. Before the pandemic, it was already 40%. From a temporary solution, homework will become a permanent solution for many people in the future or at least take place much more frequently. In this guide, I will introduce you to the best office chairs for the home office.


Top 10 Best Office Chair for Home 

ALFORDSON Office Chair


The ideal office chair for the home office with a three-dimensional seat:

Quality: made in Germany

Manufacturer’s warranty: over ten years

Certified: TÜV Rheinland and GS

3D seat: three-dimensionally movable

Lumbar support: height adjustable

Universal castors: for all floors

High quality: 10 years warranty

The office chair is certified by TÜV Rheinland and bears the GS mark for tested safety. It is produced in Germany and is, therefore, high-quality processed. Furthermore, you get a warranty of 10 years, which is extraordinarily long.

Height-adjustable lumbar support

The backrest is equipped with height-adjustable lumbar support that adapts ergonomically to the spine. As a result, the muscles and intervertebral discs are effectively relieved so that you specifically prevent tension and back pain.

Breathable mesh backrest

The backrest is made of breathable mesh fabric, so you don’t sweat in summer. It also gives the office chair a fashionable and sporty design. The material feels soft and comfortable on the skin. In addition, the comfortably upholstered seat promotes an upright and healthy posture.

The rocking function provides movement.

The rocking function integrated into the office chair ensures sufficient movement when sitting. It can also be deactivated if necessary. The degree of hardness of the backrest can be individually adapted to the body weight. The heavier you are, the greater the back pressure should be to support the back optimally.

Three-dimensionally movable seat

The highlight of the office chair is the three-dimensionally movable seat. This can be tilted in all directions and thus promotes the natural urge to move. Due to the frequent changes in posture, the muscles always remain in motion so that a rigid sitting posture is avoided.

Adjustable seat and armrests

The seat is infinitely adjustable in height between 41 – 51 cm. In addition, the depth of the heart can be adapted to the respective length of the legs. This means that even small and large people will find enough space. The armrests are adjustable in both height and width. They relieve the forearms and elbows.

Universal castors for all floors

The office chair is already set up at delivery and is therefore immediately ready for use. You can choose between several color combinations, e.B. red-black. The designer castors are suitable for all floors. They are quiet and protect the soil.


Artiss Office Chair


Office chair with complete equipment, on which you sit ergonomically for 8 hours or more:

Synchronous mechanics: healthy sitting

Lumbar support: supports the back

Seat: Height and depth are adjustable

Armrests: height, width, angle

Five years warranty: on the mechanics

Universal castors: for all floors 

Recommended by ergonomics experts

Ergonomics experts and physiotherapists recommend the desk chair. It carries the test certificate from the Institute of Health and Ergonomics, based on the applicable DIN and ISO standards. Thanks to the high quality, you get a long-term warranty of 5 years on the chair mechanism.

The headrest relieves the neck.

The comfortable headrest can be individually adapted to your body size. It is adjustable by 15 cm in height and can be tilted up and down. The head can be leaned on in a relaxed manner, which prevents neck tension.

The synchronous mechanism ensures movement.

With the help of the synchronous mechanism, you can bounce backward in a relaxed manner. They always remain in motion and prevent tension. The backrest can be determined at different angles: 7°, 14°, 21°, 28°, 35°. Heavy people can individually adjust the backrest back pressure to the body weight.

Lumbar support relieves the back.

The office chair has height-adjustable lumbar support that adapts optimally to the back. It relieves the spine and intervertebral discs. Thanks to the breathable mesh fabric, you sweat less in the summer and feel more comfortable overall.

Adjustable seat and 3D armrests

The seat height can be infinitely adjusted between 45 – 57 cm. The seat depth can also be adjusted to the respective leg length. The armrests are three-dimensionally adjustable in height, width, and angle. The universal castors are suitable for all floors.


MOJAY Office Chair

MOJAY Best Office Chair for Home

The office chair was awarded as the “test winner” by Stiftung Warentest:

Quality: TÜV and GS certification

Rocking function: provides movement

Lumbar support: supports the back

Seat: comfortable upholstery

3D armrests: height, width, depth

Universal castors: for all floors

Award-winning quality

The Nowy Styl Net Motion was awarded by Stiftung Warentest as “best office chair” with “best handling.” It also bears the TÜV logo and the GS mark for tested safety. So you can expect high quality.

The rocking function provides movement.

The backrest is equipped with a rocker function, which ensures sufficient movement. The muscles are alternately loaded, which prevents tension. Heavy people can also adjust the resistance of the backrest to their body weight so that the backrest does not give way too quickly.

Stabilizes and relieves the back

The height-adjustable lumbar support stabilizes the back and effectively relieves the spine. The seat is also adjustable in height, in addition to depth. Large and small people can also sit ergonomically on the office chair.

Upholstered seat with 3D armrests

The upholstered seat ensures a comfortable and ergonomic sitting posture. The armrests are three-dimensionally adjustable in height, width and depth. The back is ventilated thanks to the breathable backrest, so you don’t sweat in the summer.

Universal castors for all floor types

The universal castors are suitable for all floors, e.B laminate, parquet, tiles, and carpet. You do not have to order an additional roll set and can move flexibly around the room. The rollers are quiet and protect the floor from scratches.


Advwin Office Chair



The headrest and lumbar support of the office chair are individually adjustable:

Headrest: relieves the neck

Lumbar support: supports the back

Rocking function: provides movement

Breathable: mesh backrest

Seat: comfortable upholstery

Load capacity: load capacity up to 150 kg

Multi-adjustable headrest

The headrest can rotate 45° up and down depending on how it feels most comfortable for you. It is also adjustable in height by 10 cm. It relieves the head and prevents neck and shoulder tension.

Lumbar support can be adjusted several times.

The lumbar support is adjustable by 5 cm in height and 3 cm in depth. Therefore, it can be individually adapted to the body size. It relieves the spine and intervertebral discs. The cover of the backrest is made of breathable mesh fabric.

The rocking function provides movement.

The rocking function promotes sufficient exercise in the workplace. It can be detected at any angle between 90 – 125°. Heavy people can also adjust the back pressure of the backrest to their body weight.

Comfortably upholstered seat

The comfortably upholstered seat ensures a high level of seating comfort for many hours. The leading edge is rounded to promote blood circulation in the legs. Both the heart and the armrests are infinitely adjustable by 10 cm in height.

Carries a weight up to 150 kg

The robust steel frame and the broad base allow a load capacity of the office chair up to 150 kg. In addition, the rollers are quiet and protect the floor from scratches.


Executive Office Mesh Chair

Executive Office Mesh Chair

Affordable office chair with ergonomic backrest and synchronous mechanism:

High quality: Made in Germany

Backrest: adjustable in height

Synchronous mechanics: healthy sitting

Seat: Relief of the intervertebral discs

Armrests: adjustable in height

Load capacity: Load capacity up to 110 kg

Tested quality from Germany

This office chair is produced in Germany and bears the GS mark for tested safety. It meets all security-relevant requirements and is ideally suited in the home office. The seating time recommended by Topstar is 8 hours.

Backrest adjustable in height

The ergonomic backrest can be adjusted in height to adapt you optimally to the respective body size. It relieves the spine and ensures an upright posture. In addition, the integrated rocking function, whose back pressure can be adjusted to the bodyweight, ensures sufficient movement when sitting.

Seat cover in different colors

The backrest consists of a breathable mesh cover; the seat has a fabric cover. This is available in many different colors to match the décor of your office. The colors available are black, red, grey, brown, blue, green, and orange.

Ergonomically shaped seat

The seat is specially shaped in the rear area to relieve the pelvis and intervertebral discs optimally. It is infinitely adjustable by 8 cm in height, as are the armrests. The castors are braked depending on the load, i.e., the office chair cannot accidentally slip. The maximum recommended height is 1.92 m.


Special models

In addition to the office chairs already presented, I recommend these unique models:

  • Office chair for tall people: If you are over 1.90 m tall, you need an ergonomic office chair with a high backrest that relieves the entire back. The office chairs often also have a headrest to support the cervical spine.
  • Office chair for overweight people: This has a high load capacity and stable construction. Plenty of space and freedom of movement provides the necessary comfort.
  • Office chair for women: Women are on average smaller and lighter than men. The shoulders are narrower, and the pelvis is relatively wider. You need a desk chair that takes these requirements into account. These include a narrower backrest and smaller seat width and depth.
  • Office chair for children: Children between the ages of 6 and 15 need a chair that “grows with you.” The backrest and the seat must be height-adjustable.
  • Designer office chair: In addition to ergonomic features, the design also plays an important role. A stylishly furnished office ensures a good atmosphere.
  • Office chair under 100 €: A good office chair does not always have to be expensive. If you want to spend less money, you can also find cheap office chairs.


More and more people are working from home.

The home office is suitable for people who can do their work with their laptop and phone from home. These are activities that require cognitive and less manual activities (source). Around 80% of home workers say they can perform their work tasks just as well at home as at the office (head).

The interim solution becomes a permanent solution.

Around 60% of employees are working from home due to the corona pandemic. Before Corona, it was already 40% of all employees (source). From a temporary solution, a home office will become a permanent solution for many people in the future or occur more frequently.

Set up a permanent workplace

To be able to work productively in the home office, you should set up a separate workspace. To be able to work productively in the home office, you should set up a separate workspace. Your own four walls are usually not associated with work but with leisure and relaxation. Therefore, do not work in the kitchen at the dining table or in the living room on the couch. Distractions are already pre-programmed.


What you need to pay attention to when buying the office chair

An ergonomically designed workplace is also mandatory at home. Otherwise, back pain, the number 1 widespread disease in Germany, quickly threatens. You, therefore, need a back-friendly office chair with many different setting options, which you can adapt individually to your needs (preferably Made in Germany).


The backrest should reach up to the shoulders to stabilize the entire back and relieve the muscles if possible. The ergonomic shape ensures an upright and healthy sitting posture. In addition, it prevents back pain and poor posture.

  • Lumbar support: The lower back is exposed to the highest loads, where the body’s center of gravity is. The lumbar support relieves the lumbar region and the sensitive intervertebral discs. It is optimally adjustable in height and depth. In some office chairs, the backrest is adjustable in height instead.
  • Rocking function: Due to a regularly changing posture, the muscles are loaded differently so that you specifically prevent tension. Optimal is a so-called synchronous mechanism in which the angle between the upper body and lower body increases. The rocker function is activated with the help of a lever.
  • Resistance: With many office chairs, the degree of hardness of the backrest can be individually adapted to the weight. This function is essential for heavy people so that the backrest can withstand the pressure and stabilize the back sufficiently. The resistance should not be too big and not too small.
  • Reclining function: Some office chairs have a reclining position in which the backrest can be tilted up to 155° backward. You can take a break or take a nap at any time. Stress is relieved, and you have new energy.
  • Cover: In modern offices, office chairs with nets are most often used. The backrest is air-permeable, so the back is ventilated, and you sweat less in summer. Compared to fabric, velvet, wood, artificial or genuine leather, mesh backrests look optically looser. In addition, the firm covering feels pleasant.
  • Colour: The most popular are black, brown, white, grey, red, blue, green, and pink.
  • Headrest: The head can be leaned on in a relaxed manner to relieve the neck. A headrest is suitable for tall people whose head hangs freely in the air not to overstretch backward. It is also ideal for people who are prone to neck tension or whose cervical spine is damaged. It should be adjustable in height and inclination to adapt it to body size.


  • Height adjustable: The seat must be infinitely adjustable in height. For an ergonomic posture and optimal blood supply, the legs are positioned at a 90° angle. Height adjustment is provided by the gas spring, which connects the seat to the base. Heavy people must pay attention to a high load capacity.
  • Seat depth: On some chairs, the seat depth is adjustable to match the seat to the length of the thighs. This is important for small and prominent people. However, for high body weight, you need an XXL office chair with unique dimensions.
  • 360°rotatable: This is especially important if you move a lot in the workplace or get up frequently. In addition, this ensures more movement when sitting.
  • 3D seat: Some office chairs have a three-dimensional movable seat that can bounce forward and backward and left and right.
  • Padding: It should not be too hard and not too soft to even pressure relief of the thighs. Breathable padding absorbs moisture, so you sweat less. The front edge of the seat should be softly rounded so that the blood flow in the legs is not interrupted.


On an office chair with armrests, the forearms can be placed relaxed. As a result, the neck and shoulder area is relieved. In addition, you can push yourself off the armrests when sitting down and getting up. They should be adjustable in as different directions as possible: in height, width and angle, optionally also foldable.

An office chair without armrests, on the other hand, offers more freedom of movement at the workplace. In addition, it can be stowed under the table to save space. From an ergonomic point of view, however, I recommend using armrests to promote a relaxed posture. For rigid backrests, I recommend soft armrest upholstery.


Most office chairs are supplied with soft floor castors for carpets. However, if you want to use the office chair on parquet or laminate, you need hard floor castors. Choosing the suitable castors for the office chair is essential so that the floor does not scratch. Universal castors are ideal, which are suitable for both hard and soft floors.


Office chairs with additional features

  • Office chair with massage: The massage function integrated into the backrest and seat loosens tense muscles and relieves acute and chronic back pain. You save money on authentic massages and don’t even have to leave the house.
  • Office chair with heated seats: It is suitable for people who often freeze at work. Especially on cold days, the entire back is pleasantly warmed. As a result, tense muscles are loosened, and back pain is prevented.
  • Office chair with footrest: The feet can be put up relaxed to take a break. The comfortable footrest is ideal in combination with the reclining function. Blood circulation in the legs is improved.
  • Office chairs without castors: This is suitable for people who need little movement in the workplace. They sit more stable and can concentrate better. In addition, they have no disturbing rolling noises and protect the floor from scratches.


How to sit correctly on the office chair

How to customize the desk chair to your physical needs:

Seat: Slide your buttocks to the backrest and place your feet parallel to each other on the floor. Adjust the seat height until the angle between the upper and lower legs is 90°. I recommend a footrest for small people whose feet are hanging in the air to balance the height.


  1. Tilt the pelvis forward to relieve the intervertebral discs.
  2. Align the lumbar support to the correct height so that the back is optimally supported.
  3. Activate the rocker function for sufficient exercise. If you are heavier, increase the backrest backpressure.


  1. Let the arms fall in a relaxed manner.
  2. Raise the forearms until the angle to the upper arms is 90°.
  3. Adjust the armrests to exactly this height.
  4. If possible, change the armrests in width and angle.

Table: Slide as close as possible to the table. This makes it easier for you to sit upright. The table is optimally adjustable in height. The backrests close at the level of the desktop. Create enough legroom under the table so that you can stretch your legs occasionally.

Monitor: The distance between the eyes and the monitor is around 60 cm. The top of the screen is slightly below the eyes so that you can look down at an angle. The head is slightly inclined so that the neck is relieved.

Desk lamp: Ensure a bright workplace so that the eyes are relieved. Even better is natural daylight coming in from the left or right so that you won’t be dazzled. Place the table accordingly to the side of the window.


Get enough exercise

The body is trained to be constantly in motion so that the muscles are not tense and the intervertebral discs are always supplied with sufficient fluids. To prevent a rigid sitting posture, tension, and back pain, you should sit 60%, stand 30% and walk 10%. In addition, take breaks and exercise in your free time.


Practical accessories

  • Office chair underlay: Protect sensitive floors such as parquet or laminate from scratches. When moving out, avoid trouble with the landlord. The often high repair costs are deducted from the deposit. It also provides protection against stains, dampens sound, and improves rolling comfort. Also, protect your carpet so that fibers the rolls do not damage fibers.
  • Loose cushion / lumbar cushion: This is suitable for office chairs without integrated lumbar support. It adapts ergonomically to the lumbar spine and ensures an upright posture. You can choose from different sizes.
  • Wedge pillows: It helps you to adopt an upright posture if you have problems with it. The pelvis tilts slightly forward, causing the upper body to stand up. As a result, they avoid rounding and postural damage.
  • Orthopedic seat cushion: Do you have acute or even chronic complaints, e.B coccyx problems, hip problems, or back pain? Then provide relief for the coccyx, muscles, and spine. It is also suitable for small people who want to sit a little higher.
  • Desk: I advise you to use an ergonomic desk that you can adjust in height. If you want to change your workplace in the home office occasionally, a desk with castors is suitable for you. Also practical is a desk with drawers, which creates space and order.


Clean your office chair regularly

An office chair lasts an average of around 13 years. The better the office chair is maintained, the longer it lasts. I, therefore, recommend that you clean the office chair. Optimal is occasional basic cleaning, and in case of stains, special treatment of the cover.

Free the rollers from hair and dirt to rotate smoothly, and there are no scratches on the floor. Also, tighten the screws to increase safety in the workplace. If the office chair creaks or squeaks, apply some oil to the affected area.

You can dispose of your old office chair in recyclables or via bulky waste. If it is still operational, you can also sell, give away or donate it.


You can deduct your office chair from the tax.

Employees can discontinue their office chair as “advertising expenses” or as an “extraordinary burden, e.B. after surgery, an accident, or to prevent a herniated disc. If the employer provides the office chair, it may also be used privately without paying tax as a monetary benefit.

Traders, the self-employed, and freelancers can also deduct their office chair from the tax. Up to a net amount of € 800, the purchase can be removed in full in the year of acquisition. If the office chair is more expensive, the costs must be spread over 13 years. All details can be found in the guide Depreciation of an office chair.


Am I entitled to reimbursement, and who pays?

The German Pension Insurance covers the costs of up to € 1,305 for a new desk chair if specific health impairments are medically certified, and a pension covers you for a sufficiently long time. Here you will learn all the details on how to apply for a grant for an office chair.

Alternatively, you can also ask your health insurance company for a cost subsidy. They have a great interest in keeping you healthy. For example, a health-preserving office chair is much cheaper than expensive examinations, hospitalizations, rehabilitation measures, and sick pay for the health insurance company.

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