Best Office Chair For Back Pain Uk

15 Best Office Chair For Back Pain Uk 2021

Whether in the office, at school or university: Many people spend several hours sitting down every day. A good office chair is a must – and at a time when more and more people are working from home, the choice of home seating furniture is also becoming more critical. A suitable office chair protects the back and spine and is characterized by an ergonomic seat shell.

Many experts consider the essential upright position to be the ideal sitting posture. The spine remains evenly loaded in the natural double S shape, which strengthens the back muscles. If you perform a sedentary activity every day, you should pay attention to a suitable Best Office Chair For Back Pain in the UK with high seating comfort. After all, an unhealthy sitting position can have adverse effects on the neck, shoulder, and back and lead to chronic back pain.

The main focus in our guide is on the right office chair, the individual types, and useful functions that protect the joints and strengthen the muscles. In the following office chair comparison, we go into 12 current models and explain the individual components and the correct adjustment to the physical proportions. In particular, valuable a detailed FAQ section, consumers will also find compact answers to frequently asked questions on this topic. Finally, prospective buyers will determine whether Stiftung Warentest and Öko-Test have already carried out an office chair test and how the respective products have performed there.


Best Office Chair For Back Pain Uk

SIHOO Ergonomic Office Chair

SIHOO Ergonomic Office Chair

Both office workers and gamblers should benefit from the SIHOO Ergonomic Office Chair. The sporty design with red-black or black-black color combination fits into the Office and the youth room. The office chair has armrests, a faux leather cushion for the back area, and upholstery for the head area. All components can be adjusted to a healthy position for the consumer. Through a turnstile from nylon with five wheels, the Chair offers stability. In addition, the seat height can be adjusted in a range between 42 and 51 centimeters.

Adjustable head pads: The SIHOO Ergonomic Office Chair has head and lumbar cushions that the consumer can adjust manually. This should ensure a perfect grip and optimal seating comfort.

This office chair from our comparison may be loaded with a maximum of 100 kilograms. The seat height is infinitely adjustable; the backrest can be tilted up to a maximum of 135 degrees. The armrests can also be folded up and down infinitely—the Racer office chair scores with a rocker function, which can also be deactivated. Consumers should preferably not spend more than 2 to 3 hours a day on the Chair, advises the manufacturer.

What types of office chairs are there? When looking at the products at relevant retailers, consumers encounter the terms executive chair, desk chair, swivel chair, or gaming chair. All of these models are similar to some extent. However, it is essential that the chairs are ergonomic, i.e., offer good conditions for working. A good office chair should support a healthy posture when sitting and adapt ideally to the user’s body. Prospective buyers can find out the differences between the individual models in our guide after the product comparison.

  • Head and lumbar vertebrae pads
  • The cushion can be positioned mechanically
  • Sporty design
  • Backrest tiltable 135 degrees
  • Comparatively low seat height
  • Seat comparably narrow with 38 centimeters


IKEA Markus office chair

IKEA Markus office chair

The IKEA Markus office chair has more functions than a conventional swivel chair and thus looks like a typical executive chair. The height-adjustable desk chair is equipped with armrests, which cannot be adjusted. For this purpose, the Chair’s seat height can be infinitely adjusted in a range of 46 to 56 centimeters. The surface of the Chair is provided with protective plastic polyurethane (PU). The fabric is considered durable, relatively insensitive, and easy to clean. According to the manufacturer, thick padding promises good elasticity and better adaptation without deformation. The backrest reaches an inclination of up to 120 degrees. The rocker mechanism can be switched on and off with a lever under the seat. If the function is activated, the heart and backrest move together when leaning back.

With high-quality castors: A good rolling behavior is ensured with the IKEA Markus office chair by a base with five safety castors. The cross has a diameter of 70 centimeters, the chair castors are abrasion-resistant, and have a sheath made of high-quality polyurethane.

According to the manufacturer, the castors are suitable for hard floors such as tiles, wooden floorboards, screed, parquet, or laminate. Consumers should load the office chair with a maximum of 150 kilograms. The seat is 55 centimeters wide and the backrest 76 centimeters high. The scope of delivery includes two spare rollers and screws for assembly. The latter is intended to facilitate an instruction manual in German, English, French, Spanish, and Italian. In addition, this model offers:

  • Certified according to BIFMA X 5.1, MOT Rhineland
  • Dimensions: 78 x 68 x 34 centimeters
  • Net weight: approx. 8.4 kilograms

What makes an office chair more comfortable? A backrest that adapts to the back when leaning back is one of the essential features of a good office chair. When sitting upright, integrated spinal support can also provide the necessary support. In addition, backrests, which are slightly thicker on the side, increase comfort. Other features of a good office chair include an adjustable seat height, a wide seat, and other upholstery that adapts to the body shape.

  • Base and armrest made of solid steel
  • Oversized seat with 55 centimeters
  • Load capacity up to 150 kilograms
  • The backrest can only be tilted 120 degrees


Yaheetech Office Chair

Best Office Chair For Back Pain Uk

The Yaheetech Office Chair has a mesh backrest and a W-shaped seat cushion, which is intended to reduce the pressure on the buttocks when sitting. The headrest is rotatable, and the seat height can be adjusted by 10 centimeters with a gas lift arm. The entire office chair can be rotated 360 degrees. In addition, a tilt function with a position lock can be tilted by up to 120 degrees.

Available in three color designs: The Yaheetech Office Chair is available in three different color designs: black, anthracite and red.

The waist cushion can be optimally adjusted to the user, by 4.86 centimeters up or down and by 2.79 centimeters forward and backward. The armrests provided with high-quality nylon are covered, and the height can be adjusted by 10 centimeters up and down. The Chair’sChair’s feet are made of an aluminum alloy, and the castors are made of PU. According to the manufacturer, they do not harm the floor. In addition, this model offers:

  • Dimensions: 69.9 x 69.9 x 106.9 centimeters
  • Net weight: 16 kilograms
  • Material: Polyurethane, PU for short

What is a rocker mechanism? The Rocker mechanism ensures that the backrest of the computer chair moves flexibly and does not remain in a rigid position. When the rocker mechanism is activated, the backrest follows the movements of the consumer. Unlike the Synchronous mechanics in the rocker mechanism, the seat and backrest are firmly coupled. As a result, the angle between the two surfaces remains constant with each movement. By activating rocker mechanics, incorrect postures can be avoided in the long term.

  • Load capacity up to 150 kilograms
  • W-shaped seat cushion
  • Mesh fabric
  • Rotatable headrest
  • The backrest can only be tilted 120 degrees


Amazon Brand – Umi Ergonomic Office Chair

Amazon Brand - Umi Ergonomic Office Chair

According to the manufacturer, the Amazon Brand – Umi Ergonomic office chair with its soft backrest promises a high level of seating comfort and, at the same time, stabilizes the back. This Chair, from our comparison, has a high-quality polyurethane surface and an extra thick upholstery that is difficult to deform. The seat height can be infinitely adjusted in a range of 46 to 56 centimeters. High-quality rollers with a sheath made of abrasion-resistant Pu give the office chair a quiet running comfort and a safe rolling away. The comprehensive upholstery is intended to ensure comfortable sitting. The armrests are permanently mounted and offer no room for maneuver in height adjustment.

Practical rocker function: With an appropriate lever, consumers activate or deactivate the locking mechanism of the Amazon Brand – Umi Ergonomic office chair. If the rocker function is activated, both the seat and backrest move with the user’s movements.

The maximum load on the Chair is 150 kilograms. A separate adjustment of the back part in the seat inclination is missing. Thanks to the polyurethane sheathing on the castors, the office chair is suitable for hard floors such as laminate, linoleum, screed, parquet, or tiles. The base has a diameter of 70 centimeters, the seat measures 55 centimeters in width. The scope of delivery of the office chair includes additional castors and screws for assembly.

How do I set up an office chair? Most chairs that buyers purchase from a dealer on the Internet do not arrive at home fully assembled. Users often have to build the products before use. When creating the support parts, users should make sure that the fronts and rear pieces fit correctly. An illustrated assembly manual helps with this. Next, users should test the functions of the lever, which ensures infinitely variable adjustment of the seat height. When the lever is pulled, the size can be adjusted by encumbering or relieving the Chair – for example, with the body weight.

  • Load capacity up to 150 kilograms
  • Oversized seat with 55 centimeters
  • Armrests, not height adjustable
  • Plastic base


Herman Miller Aeron

Herman Miller Aeron

According to the manufacturer, the Herman Miller Aeron office chair scores with an ergonomic design. At first glance, the curved lines are reminiscent of a sports seat. Advantageous in terms of seat mechanics: The backrest adapts to the user’s posture. The seating position can be infinitely adjusted while the backrest remains immobile. When the rocker mechanism is activated, the backrest moves backward or forwards together with the seat. The company Songmics has provided the rollers, according to their information, with a protective sheath not to scratch the floor. The chair can be rotated 360 degrees.

Safety-relevant certificates: According to the manufacturer, the Herman Miller Aeron office chair comes with all safety-relevant certificates – including the MOT Rhineland, which tests based on the EN 1335-2/-3 standard.

The company Songmics has further developed the gas spring, the rollers, and the armrests in this model. A 70-centimeter base with five wheels ensures stability. In the scope of delivery, there are additional screws and rollers as spare parts, which can be used in case of damage or loss. The chair is available in seven different color designs, with black always being the primary color. When it comes to the seat and rear upholstery coloring, however, the customer has the choice. The maximum static load capacity of the Chair is 150 kilograms. The total height is adjustable from 107 to 117 centimeters.

What is a PU surface? PU stands for polyurethane, which is used, among other things, in mattresses but also for seat cushions. The material is breathable and air-permeable and can be easily compressed. As a result, a polyurethane seat cushion adapts to the shape of the user’s buttocks and only gives way in those places where the weight hits the surface directly. Even after many years of use, a high-quality PU surface returns to its original position – without creating seats in the upholstery.

  • Selectable in seven colors
  • Load capacity up to 150 kilograms
  • With spare castors
  • Backrest with side wings
  • Backrest only 70 centimeters high


Humanscale Diffrient World

Humanscale Diffrient World

The Humanscale Diffrient World Office Chair is an ergonomically shaped Syncro disc swivel chair. This is especially beneficial for the pelvic and lumbar regions. The product is available in ten color designs. The recommended sitting time is a maximum of 8 hours per day. With this sitting time, this office furniture is also well suited for professional use in offices. The breathable mesh backrest is ergonomically shaped and can be adjusted in height via a grid mechanism. The seat height can be adjusted via a gas spring and is between 43 and 51 centimeters. This makes this Chair from our comparison suitable for users with a height of up to 1.92 meters. The gas spring and base are shiny chrome-plated. In addition, the model has a sturdy, chrome-plated steel base and load-dependent braked safety double castors for soft floors, so-called carpet castors.

Practical point synchronization mechanism: The Humanscale Diffrient World office chair comes with a point synchronous mechanism in which consumers can adjust the seat and backrest inclination synchronously. The spring force of the Chair is based on body weight.

With this work chair, the height of the armrests can be changed. The load capacity is 110 kilograms. So it has been tested for harmful substances and declared harmless to health. The GS mark for ‘Tested Safety’ certifies that the product meets the requirements of the Product Safety Act. The seat has a width and depth of 48 centimeters each; the backrest is about 60 centimeters high. The product is intended to support optimal support in the pelvic area.

What is synchronous mechanics? The Synchronous mechanics is an extension of the rocker mechanism in the office chair. With the synchronous mechanism, the backrest and seat move independently but still coordinated with each other. In this way, the angle between the user’s upper and lower body is always in an ideal relationship to each other. A detailed explanation of this mechanism can be found after the product descriptions in our guide.

  • Syncro Disc Swivel Chair
  • Selectable in ten colors
  • Sitting time up to 8 hours daily
  • With synchronous point mechanics
  • Sitzfläche nur 48 Zentimeter
  • No rocking function available


HÅG Capisco 8010

HÅG Capisco 8010

The HÅG Capisco 8010 office chair is a classic swivel chair and has a high backrest, protecting the spine through its ergonomic shape. In this way, the Chair is supposed to counteract back pain. Furthermore, the ergonomic trough seat ensures optimum support function in the pool area. In addition, there is a headrest with an easy-care synthetic leather cover. The armrests are also made of plastic and make this office chair a robust all-rounder at the desk. The maximum load on the office chair is 100 kilograms.

Breathable mesh cover: The breathable mesh cover of the back of the HÅG Capisco 8010 office chair promises a high level of seating comfort and allows the air to circulate. The air circulation of a work chair is sometimes underestimated.

The office swivel chair consists of the following components: adjustable armrests, rocker function, robust plastic castors, and lumbar support. Using a gas spring, the height of the desk chair can be adjusted and adapted to the sitting position. According to the manufacturer, this Chair is suitable for daily use at home and in the office. The TÜV-tested office chair should be easy to set up thanks to assembly instructions and is available in a pack of four or as a single piece.

What does “ergonomic” mean? The science of ergonomics strives for the optimal combination of man, machine, and environment. This means that the working environment adapts to the working conditions of the consumer, not the other way around. Ergonomic Office chairs are a part of this: they adapt to the user’s physique and promote a healthy posture when working in the Office. Interested parties can find out which factors are decisive for an ergonomic office chair in our guide further down on the website.

  • Breathable mesh cover
  • Available in a pack of four or as a single piece
  • Armrests removable
  • Armrest not height adjustable


GTPLAYER Office Chair

GTPLAYER Office Chair

The GTPLAYER office chair has a headrest adjustable in height and angle of inclination for adequate neck protection. Additional relaxation when working or gaming should offer an adjustable 3D armrest and a thickly padded seat. According to the manufacturer, the reliably curved contours keep the user’s spine correctly aligned and ensure a healthy sitting posture at work. The center has a thickness of 7 centimeters and is filled with heavy foam. The chair also has upholstered armrests. The back part consists of a Breathable Mesh fabric, which should provide good ventilation and keep the back pleasantly cool for a more extended period.

Tilt clamping head with locking function: The tilt tension head of the GTPLAYER office chair under the seat can adjust the inclination of the backrest from 90 to 120 degrees depending on the size of the user and lock at any angle.

This office chair from our comparison can be rotated 360 degrees and has low-noise high-performance castors at the bottom. Its explosion-proof base plate with a five-star steel base is designed to increase safety and stability. It has a maximum carrying capacity of 150 kilograms and, according to the manufacturer, can be installed quickly. The manufacturer’s warranty runs for 24 months. The chair has Synchronous mechanics and is suitable for people with 160 to 185 centimeters. The sitting time for the office chair should be a maximum of 8 hours a day.

What is the BIFMA certificate? The BIFMA certificate is a voluntary test that manufacturers pay for a fee at the MOT can be carried out. The certificate indicates whether specific sustainability criteria in materials, human health and ecosystem, social responsibility, and energy and atmosphere have been adhered to during production. For example, the materials are recycled, renewable, biological, or climate-neutral and do not contain any harmful chemical components to humans or animals. This certificate shows that the individual criteria have been met.

  • Adjustable 3D armrest
  • Mesh fabric
  • Load capacity up to 150 kilograms
  • Tilt clamping head with locking function
  • Sitting time up to 8 hours daily
  • Armrests removable
  • Coccyx support
  • Only for people up to 1.85 meters


House By John Lewis Whistler Office Chair

House By John Lewis Whistler Office Chair

The House By John Lewis Whistler Office Chair offers many adjustment options, from the ergonomically shaped seat to the backrest. According to the manufacturer, the office chair constantly adapts to the body’s anatomy through these settings. The backrest can be adjusted in height and inclination. The soft pad is designed to ensure a comfortable sitting position. According to the manufacturer, the cover of the office chair is robust and durable, dirt-repellent, and hard-wearing. The maximum load capacity of the all-around office chair is 120 kilograms. The seat height is adjustable in a range of 46 to 59 centimeters.

Detectable synchronous mechanics: Thanks to the Syncro-Relax mechanism, the backrest’s backrest automatically adapts to the weight with which the backrest is loaded. According to the manufacturer, this supports ergonomic seating behavior. The backrest can be adjusted in five stages. The armrests are also five times adjustable and are based on body size.

The manufacturer John Lewis supplies this office swivel chair with castors for soft floors. According to the manufacturer, castors for hard floors can be ordered as accessories from the dealer. The 360-degree rotatable Chair is available in four color designs and has a sturdy aluminum base. It is from MOT Rheinland and designed for a daily sitting time or setting time of 8 hours. The pins of the rollers have a diameter of 11 millimeters. The usable seat width is 47 centimeters, the seat depth 45 centimeters.

Which office chair is suitable for long periods of sitting? Self-employed freelancers or employees in the Office often spend more than 10 hours a day sitting. Normal stools, swivel stools, or chairs are not enough – an ergonomic office chair is needed. These chairs are particularly suitable for long periods of sitting. You should bring an adjustable backrest and a wide, upholstered seat. In the lower area, an aluminum base ensures stability and long service life. Armrests, back cushions, and head pads of the headrest should also support a healthy sitting posture.

  • Seat height up to 59 centimeters
  • With the lockable synchronous mechanism
  • Armrests five-way adjustable
  • Castors only suitable for soft floors
  • Seat width only 47 centimeters


Herman Miller Sayl Office Chair

Herman Miller Sayl

The Herman Miller Sayl office chair is available in different color designs with a seat and backrest made of mesh fabric. According to the manufacturer, the seat height can be variably adjusted in all designs via a rotary lever, while the backrest always remains firmly locked. The maximum load on the office chair is 100 kilograms. The seat can be rotated freely by 360 degrees and should thus offer comfortable freedom of movement. According to the manufacturer, the castors find a secure hold on the high-quality safety base. The foot castors are suitable for soft floors.

Breathable cover: The backrest of the Herman Miller Sayl office chair consists of a functional mesh cover made of 100 percent polyester. For this reason, it is breathable even on hot days.

This office swivel chair from our comparison combines the basics of a swivel chair and is ideally suited for temporary use. Consumers must assemble the office chair themselves using the enclosed instructions. The dimensions of the seat are 42 x 44 centimeters.

How do I determine the optimal seat height of an office chair? Before buying an office chair, you should find out the correct seat height. Consumers can sit on an upholstered stool and stack many books and newspapers on top of each other until they take a comfortable sitting position. The ideal seat height can then be measured with a ruler or tape measure.

  • Model suitable for children
  • Comparatively light and compact
  • Selectable in twelve colors
  • No armrest available
  • Sitzbreite nur 44 Zentimeter
  • No headrest
  • No rocking function


Hbada Office Chair

Hbada Office Chair

The Hbada Office Chair comes in a very sporty version, reminiscent of a racing car seat. It is provided with a cover made of artificial leather and very well padded. According to the manufacturer, it is not only ideal for the Office but is also suitable as a gaming chair in children’s and youth rooms. Furthermore, thanks to the ergonomic shape and the tilting backrest, it adapts to the posture and is also back-friendly.

Different colors and designs available: Hbada Office Chair in many trendy colors. It is available in blue, Bordeaux, grey, green, orange, red, black, or violet.

The Hbada Office Chair is robust and can be loaded with a weight of up to 120 kilograms. The wide turnstile and the five smooth-running castors ensure a firm yet flexible stand. The upholstered armrests provide additional relaxation during lengthy office work and long and extensive gaming sessions. The seat height is adjustable between 45 and 56 centimeters seat height using a gas spring.

How do I sit properly to avoid back pain? Consumers sit healthiest upright and when they lift the pelvis slightly forward. The sloping thighs are at an angle of 45 to 60 degrees to the upper body. The shoulder girdle should be as relaxed as possible on the chest. Users can easily lift the sternum forward and stretch the back of the head backward. This favors a healthy extension of the cervical spine. Users should never push through the spine and get up regularly to loosen up.

  • Sporty design
  • Selectable in several colors
  • Adjustable backrest with mesh insert
  • Seat width only 47 centimeters
  • Comparatively short backrest with 66 centimeters


Cherry Tree Furniture Executive Recline Extra Padded Office Chair

Cherry Tree Furniture Executive Recline Extra Padded Office Chair

The Cherry Tree Furniture Executive Recline Extra Padded Office Chair look with armrests that give a buyer’s Office a modern style. Thanks to an included assembly instruction, the Chair should be easy to install. Cleaning is also no problem according to the manufacturer’s information. The armchair can be rotated 360 degrees and, according to the manufacturer, is soft and thickly upholstered. A 100 percent artificial leather and the textile cover surface are intended to ensure silky soft seating comfort. It is available in red and blue color themes. Consumers should load the office chair with a maximum of 100 kilograms.

High stability: The high-quality base of the Merax office chair made of chrome-plated steel ensures a secure stand with five smooth-running and highly abrasion-resistant safety double castors.

The gas spring of the office chair is from MOT checked. The chair is height-adjustable in a range of 35 to 45 centimeters and adjusted by a Rocker mechanism adjusted backward and fronts up to 150 degrees. The dimensions of the seat are about 49 x 46 centimeters. According to the manufacturer, the racing chair has a Breathable Nylon mesh back and a comfortable recessed seat for optimal support in the pelvic area.

What is a gas spring? The gas spring or the gas spring is a so-called pneumatic spring. In contrast to the coil springs, their force is almost independent of the spring travel. At the same time, users benefit from a pleasant damping mechanism. In-office chairs come in the holding device Gas springs for weight balancing.

  • Chrome-plated steel base
  • Sporty racer look
  • Trough seat for support in the pool area
  • Load capacity only up to 100 kilograms
  • Seat height only up to 45 centimeters
  • Seat only 46 centimeters


What is an office chair?

Over the past few years, the development of the office chair has led from a rigid and straightforward wooden chair, which was more like a visitor chair, for the workplace to modern high-tech models. Office chairs are optimized for use at desks and are height-adjustable for ergonomics reasons. These can usually be rotated 360 degrees, are equipped with gently sliding chair castors, and have an adjustable backrest or armrest, depending on the requirements.

When does buying an office chair make sense?

Back pain has been one of the most widespread diseases for years. In most cases, an unhealthy sitting position and posture lead to such discomfort. For example, inadequately equipped office chairs support incorrect postures, so that muscle cramps, headaches, and further pain can occur.

For this reason, consumers should start directly with the office chair and opt for an ergonomic model. , When buying, users should pay attention to the seat, backrest, lumbar area, headrest, and armrests to adjust an optimal sitting position. In this way, they can improve their sitting function, for example, when working or gaming. There is more information about this in the following paragraphs.

Sitting can make you sick: Harmful is a monotonous posture that strains the back. The body switches to a low flame, and the abdominal muscles sag, which constricts the digestive organs and can lead to malaise. At the same time, the one-sided load leads to a slackening of the strengths and an inadequate oxygen supply. The strain on the intervertebral discs also increases after prolonged sitting. Ise.


Which office chair to buy for work?

Consumers should always choose a suitable office swivel chair about the workplace, as they spend a lot of time there. The following questions usually lead to a cooperative model:

  • How long do I sit a day?
  • Do I have back problems?
  • What activity do I do while sitting?
  • In which working environment do I sit?
  • How old and how heavy am I?

The particular questions relating to the most important criteria when buying the office chairs and the processing. So it makes a difference whether a user performs a constantly sedentary activity or gets up in between and changes the workplace.

In addition, previously damaged users with neck and back problems should work on unique swivel chairs focused on the neck area or back area. The professional office chairs are designed for maximum overall load and size. The upholstered executive chairs are suitable for high loads, while back-friendly swivel chairs have a lower maximum weight and save on dimensions. This makes them a worthwhile alternative in smaller study rooms and offices.


Advantages & disadvantages of executive chairs:

  • High weight load possible
  • Mostly good artistry
  • Classic design fits into any office
  • Soft seating comfort
  • Additional cushions in the seat and back area
  • Limited mobility
  • Not every armchair has a rocker function


Advantages & disadvantages of ergonomic office chairs:

  • Armrest, backrest, and seat depth adjustable
  • Rocker function can be switched on and off
  • Basics available at a reasonable price
  • Comfortable and Breathable upholstery
  • Sharp-edged rollers can damage the floor
  • Not every swivel chair is suitable for permanent sitting.


The different types of office chairs at a glance

There are different types of office chairs in the trade. We have already discussed the advantages of one of them, the classic executive chair, one paragraph above. At this point, we would like to give a brief overview of the other species. With all models, of course, it is essential to pay attention to good artistry.

Type of Office chair description

Swivel chair Due to the required mobility in the Office, office chairs usually swivel chairs. These can be easily rotated in any direction and allow the user to reach cabinets or shelves on the side. Swivel chairs also support the motor skills of the consumer.

Executive Chair The term executive chair can be misleading, as not only managers or bosses are allowed to sit on these chairs. However, since these groups of people often sit in an office chair for a very long time, executive chairs usually have an extra level of comfort or ergonomics. They are well padded, equipped with many functions, and easy to handle.

Office chair with/without castors From an ergonomic point of view, an office chair without castors is no better or worse than a model with castors. It depends on the personal preferences and the working environment of the consumer. Office chairs with castors are usually more comfortable, but models without castors are healthier, as consumers have to get up themselves more often. If you have a sensitive wooden floor, you should use a floor protection mat.

Gaming Chair A gaming chair is a regular office chair tailored to the needs of gamers. Initially, these chairs were developed for players in car racing, such as Need For Speed or Dirt, to give gamers the feeling of sitting in a sports car. The design of the gaming chairs is therefore sporty, and they are often known as racing chairs. They are usually comfortable and equipped with many setting options for long game nights.


The essential functions of an office chair

Office chairs are available in different versions depending on the price range, manufacturer, and equipment. However, there are some essential functions that every good office chair should have. These include:

  • Adjustable backrest
  • Seat depth adjustment
  • Adjustment of the seat height
  • Armrests
  • Rocker mechanism

In the following paragraphs, we will discuss these functions in more detail.


The importance of an adjustable backrest

The backrest is a central factor of any office chair and should support the user’s sitting position in the best possible way. Since every person has different body measurements, a backrest must be individually adjustable in height. However, the backrest mustn’t be rigid but flexibly follows the user’s movements. For example, it should neither push the back too hard forward nor tilt backward too quickly when a person leans against it.

The shape of the backrest ideally has an S-shape like the human spine. To support the user’s lumbar spine, additional curvature in the pelvis area is a valuable feature. This is called lumbar support in technical jargon and is now part of the standard equipment on many models. Users have achieved an optimal sitting position when their upper and lower legs are at an angle of at least 90 degrees to each other. If the tip is more significant, this is also gentle on the back – it should not be smaller in any case.


Does neck support make sense? 

Neck support on the backrest can additionally relieve the shoulder and neck muscles of the user. This is the case, for example, if the user leans backward when making a phone call. Consumers should make sure that the neck support is height-adjustable in such models.

Seat depth adjustment

Everyone has legs of different lengths – for this reason, the seat depth of a good office chair should be individually adjustable. The back of the user’s knees mustn’t contact the front edge of the seat. The leading edge lifts when the consumer in the Chair tilts backward at the correct seat depth, and the feet remain in contact with the ground. This function affects not only seating comfort but also the blood supply to the lower limbs.


What is the ideal seat depth? 

According to most manufacturers on the market, there should be a distance of about 2 to 7 centimeters between the front edge of the seat and the back of the consumer’s knees. The ideal space between them is about four fingers wide. A flat hand should fit effortlessly in between.


Adjustment of the seat height

With the correctly adjusted seat height, users ensure that their spine is permanently erect and that the pelvis cannot tilt backward in any form. In this way, the back is relieved, and around posture is prevented. When consumers adjust the seat height, their knees and pelvis should form an angle of 90 to a maximum of 100 degrees. The arms lying on the table should also include a right angle at the same time. If this is not possible, the desk should be adjusted accordingly. The feet should always touch the ground.


The armrests

Not everyone finds armrests on an office chair pleasant. However, from a health point of view, they make sense because they relieve the shoulders and upper arms and thus avoid tension in the neck and neck vertebrae. Consumers should make sure that the armrests are adjustable in height and depth, and sides. In this way, the freedom of movement of the fingers, hands, and forearms is preserved. In addition, the armrests should be softly padded to avoid unpleasant pressure points.

According to many manufacturers, the optimal height of the armrests is about 20 to 25 centimeters above the seat. Therefore, they should be at least 20 centimeters long and just under 4 centimeters wide.


The rocker mechanism

If consumers lean back in an office chair, this gives thanks to the Rocker mechanism and does not remain rigid. This relieves the user’s intervertebral discs and supports a flexible posture. It is essential that users individually adjust the backpressure of the rocker mechanism, as the weight and associated pressure are different. Most models allow the resistance to be adjusted via a rotary wheel located below the seat.


Advanced functions of an office chair

If an office chair is equipped with the essential functions mentioned above, it meets the basic ergonomic requirements – no more and no less. However, if you have a health burden or spend an above-average amount of time at your desk, you should pay attention to the following features as supplements:

Synchronous mechanics: 

Synchronous mechanics is an extension of the functionality of a backrest. The backrest and the seat react synchronously to the consumer’s movements and are coupled to each other. For example, as soon as a person leans back in the Chair, the heart changes the inclination of the seat changes. Ideally, the angle of inclination is in a ratio of 3:1 or 2:1. An example: If the user tilts backward by 12 degrees, the seat also tilts by 4 degrees. The synchronous mechanism supports optimal sitting behavior, relieves the spine, and prevents incorrect postures. Office chairs equipped with an asynchronous mechanism allow even more individual settings. Consumers adjust the movements of the backrest and seat individually and independently of each other. In synchronous mechanics, these are coupled to each other.


Tilt adjustment:

 This function does not respond to reclining. Instead, the aim is to adjust the angle of inclination of the seat individually to the user’s physique. A correctly adjusted angle of inclination can prevent incorrect postures during long sitting activities.


360-degree motion mechanics:

 With this mechanism, the backrest reacts to every movement of the user. This applies when leaning back and when moving sideways – an excellent advantage for the trunk muscles, which are strengthened by this function.



According to most manufacturers, a footrest is not always necessary from an ergonomic point of view, but it can relieve and offer additional comfort. Unfortunately, footrests can usually only be found on office chairs without casters. Attaching them to a swivel chair is technically rather tricky to implement.


Lumbar support: 

The term lordosis describes the natural curvatures of the spine forward, in the area of the lumbar and cervical vertebrae. An ergonomic office chair follows the curvatures in these places and relieves the spine by supporting the natural posture. Ideally, the lumbar support is adjustable in height to match the user’s physique.


What do I have to pay attention to when buying an office chair?

The functional aspects of an office chair are designed to make sitting for long periods healthier. After all, a strained, cramped, and aching back restricts everyday work. Everyone should take a healthy sitting position on the chair and adjust it individually to their proportions.

Here, independent experts have put the office chair through its paces to confirm all-encompassing safety by the applicable EU standards. The permissible certificates of the leading models are the TÜV and GS seals. For buyers, these certificates form a practical orientation.

The Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, BAuA for short, has published specific requirements for office chairs. This is not a legal requirement, but rather a guide to buying a suitable office chair:


As already mentioned, an essential part of the office chair is the backrest. This should adapt to the natural shape of the spine and be individually adjustable. If the backrest is variable, it can be ideally adjusted to the user’s height. In this way, smaller and more prominent people can use the office swivel chair equally.


Pelvic comb support:

 The pelvic comb support is located about 20 centimeters above the seat. The sitting position should be straight to slide with the pelvis close to the backrest. In the correct sitting position, the back and thighs occupy a 90-degree angle. A high backrest relieves the back more effectively than a backrest that is too short. It ensures a healthy sitting posture and the extension of the back.



 The office chair’s upholstery is responsible for seating comfort and is particularly important in everyday office life. You can choose between the thick upholstery of an executive chair or an office chair with mains covering. The seat of the Chair should slightly cushion when sitting down to minimize a push on the spine.



An office chair with or without armrests? This usually depends on the intended use. If the office chair has armrests, these should not hinder the movements of the user. Alternatively, consumers can opt for an office chair with removable or height-adjustable armrests.



The seat should be height-adjustable. Most desk chair models have a seat width of between 40 and 48 centimeters. XXL office chairs have a slightly wider seat.



 The maximum load on an office chair plays an important role, as it ensures safety and stability. As a rule, the office chairs are designed for a total body weight of 100 to 120 kilograms. Only in the XXL version is the total load, sometimes up to 210 kilograms.


Mesh cover or artificial leather: advantages and disadvantages explained

Office chairs have different upholstery with different characteristics. The upholstery of an office chair should not be too hard or too soft:

  • If the upholstery is too soft, consumers sink too much into the seat and backrest. This is unfavorable for posture and squeezes the padding too much together, and prevents optimal moisture and heat exchange of the body with the ambient air. The result: consumers sweat where they are in contact with the office chair. The remuneration should breathable to prevent such heat build-up. In addition, chairs with a mains covering must have an additional windscreen to prevent freezing colder months.
  • Too hard padding leads to painful pressure points in the long run. The upholstery on almost all models is adapted to the recommended weight of the user. Chairs for people with a higher weight are upholstered harder than office chairs designed for light and small people. For this reason, consumers should pay attention to the weight information of the manufacturer when buying.

Consumers usually choose between leather, artificial leather, fabric, or mesh fabric when it is referred to. Some chairs are entirely unrelated – but this is not the case with ergonomic chairs. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages:

Leather cover

  • High-quality appearance
  • Easy cleaning
  • Robust and durable
  • Greater sweating potential
  • More expensive than fabric covers


Synthetic leather cover

  • Visually very similar to leather
  • Easy cleaning
  • Not as insensitive as genuine leather
  • Very high sweating potential


Fabric cover

  • Cheaper than leather covers
  • Robust depending on the material
  • breathable
  • Heavier cleaning
  • Can tear quickly


Mesh fabric cover

  • breathable
  • Very breathable
  • Pleasant on hot days
  • Unfavorable on cool days


How does Office Chairs hydraulics work?

The heart of the hydraulics is the gas spring, which provides elasticity and a different seat height. The first signs of wear appear on this component. The durability of office chairs is often far beyond the service life of their suspension. If the spring breaks apart wholly, the Chair loses stability and support. If the seat sways or freezes, in most cases, the Gas spring defect.

Instead of disposing of the office chair, consumers should replace the office chair gas spring. Online, many compatible gas springs with deep suspension at reasonable prices can be integrated into almost all chair constructions. When buying the gas spring column, buyers should pay attention to the base’s case diameter and the dimensions. This is the only way to fit the spare part to the swivel chair.

Changing defective gas springs – here’s how it works on most chairs, the pressure damper is attached. It is a height-adjustable pressure system that allows the swivel chair to be adjusted in height.

  1. Consumers insert the new damper into the holder under the seat.
  2. Then the screen can be attached, and the spring can be inserted into the base at the bottom.
  3. Finally, the user places the Chair back on the castors and then uses it again with a new gas spring.

The old gas springs are very tight – at this point, users can help with a bit of creep oil or silicone spray. Alternatively, consumers can use the rubber hammer to give a few side blows to the gas spring. Of course, the component would then have to be easier to loosen.


How do I set appropriately on the office swivel chair?

The right seat on an office chair is crucial to avoid long-term consequences and back pain right from the start. At this point, we give some tips for the correct sitting posture on an office chair:

  • Consumers achieve the optimal seat height adjustment when the back of the knee is on the front edge of the seat.
  • When leaning against the backrest, there should be about one to two finger widths between the back of the knee and the edge of the seat. This allows the blood to circulate in the legs.
  • The Rocker mechanism makes sense because consumers relieve the body by rocking movement.

What is dynamic sitting?

Roughly outlined, dynamic sitting describes the regular change of the sitting position. After all, prolonged sitting makes you sick, as we have already noticed – especially in a monotonous posture.

Users should tilt forward or backward or strain their feet one after the other. Alternatively, the shoulders and arms can be circled to counteract fatigue and poor blood flow to the back. A seat ring can also support you here.


Well-known manufacturers and brands

When buying an office chair over the Internet, interested parties should be careful to contact authorized specialist dealers. When it considers the prices of ergonomic office chairs, some dubious people sense the option of doing crooked business. For this reason, consumers should always check the source of the trader. Some well-known manufacturers and brands in the field of office chairs have been for years, for example:

  • Harastuhl: Harastuhl is a German office furniture manufacturer Haratech GmbH based in Lauingen in Bavaria. For more than ten years, the company on the Danube has been offering office chairs and office furniture and, according to its information, is based on the latest scientific findings.


FAQ: Frequently asked questions and answers about the office chair

In the following paragraphs, we provide answers to questions that consumers keep asking about office chairs:

Which office chair is the best?

A blanket answer to this question is complicated because it depends heavily on the individual requirements for an office chair. At the same time, consumer A is looking for a luxurious executive chair; for consumer B, more ergonomic factors such as Synchronous mechanics important. Finally, consumer C looks for good integration into the existing office furniture. For this reason, interested parties should be aware of their requirements before buying an office chair. , Afterward, you can look at our product descriptions further up on the website and choose the personal test winner.


Where can I buy an office chair?

Consumers will find an office chair on offer in any well-equipped furniture store or during promotional weeks at discounters. The purchase on-site offers the advantage of a personal consultation by trained specialist staff. In addition, prospective buyers can test the Chair themselves and independently check setting options. The alternative is to buy online from an Internet retailer. This usually has a much more extensive selection and offers the opportunity to compare the products at a glance. Consumers can purchase at any time of the day or night from the comfort of their sofa and have access to numerous reviews from other customers.


Why does an office chair have to have five wheels?

According to most manufacturers, five rollers ensure a high level of stability and stability. In addition, soft castors go well with hard floors and hard castors with smooth feet.


Why does my office chair squeak?

The causes of unusual running noises are usually in the rollers. If the steel axes are mounted in plastic, they sometimes make unpleasant noises. But also, the ring around the telescopic rod can squeak. In this case, users should simply relubricate with a bit of oil.


How much does an office chair weigh?

This depends on the individual components. Lightweight is plastic chairs that weigh no more than 10 kilograms. The heavy models include the executive chairs. They ensure high stability and weigh up to 20 kilograms.


Which office chair is suitable for neck pain?

Interested parties should pay attention to neck support pillows and pillows for the headrest when buying ergonomic office chairs. These allow a healthy alignment of the backrest, even if consumers already suffer from neck complaints. In addition, prospective buyers should talk to their family doctor about the proper seating to achieve a long-term improvement.


How should I dispose of the office chair?

Good office chairs can be offered to interested parties at used markets and turn them back into money. Due to their size, it is not possible to dispose of the office chair via household waste. Instead, consumers can use the recycling centers in their vicinity or place the office chair for garbage.


How long does an office chair last?

A first indication of the service life is the warranty that the manufacturer offers on the office chair. The minimum deposit for well-known brands is at least two years.


Can the office chair be deducted from the tax?

Yes, freelancers and self-employed people who work in the Office have the opportunity to claim the office swivel chair for tax purposes. For this, consumers only need an invoice on which their name and address are noted.


Which office chair is the right one for hip problems?

If the hips hurt when sitting, consumers can hardly concentrate. Users should avoid excessive diffraction in this case. A restriction in hip flexion depends on the correct seat height. For example, a unique seat cushion is suitable for this.


How much does an office chair cost?

The price range of the office swivel chairs is wide. The cheapest models start at 20 to 30 euros. The professional swivel chairs exceed the 100-euro mark in price; there are hardly any upper limits. These high-quality chairs for the Office combine individual, ergonomic advantages.


Does Stiftung Warentest have an office chair test?

Stiftung Warentest carried out an office chairs test in 2017. According to the well-known consumer organization, five out of 13 desk chairs with a different price were convincing. However, some of the cheaper office chairs had safety deficiencies. Other models fell through the pollutant test.

The experts agreed: An excellent and powerful swivel chair adapts to the user’s proportions and promotes movement through a rocking function. The first weaknesses occurred under constant stress. All office chairs in the test had an asynchronous mechanism. This has a positive effect on changing seating functions and an active sitting posture. For example, when rocking, consumers stretch the body and move the joints and muscles.

The office chair should support the lower back section. However, prominent people often have problems choosing appropriate swivel chairs. According to Stiftung Warentest, consumers should check before buying whether the seat and height match their body measurements.

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