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10 Best Executive Chair 2021

Executive chairs are comfortably upholstered and usually have an artificial or genuine leather cover in black, brown, or white. In addition to noble executive chairs for offices, you can also buy cheap chairs. In this guide, I will introduce you to the best models.


What you need to pay attention to when buying the executive chair

An executive chair has a higher backrest than an ordinary office chair, giving this seat a representative appearance. Instead of fabric, artificial leather or genuine leather is usually used. The neck area is comfortably padded.

The more setting options the executive chair has, the better it can be adapted to the respective body size. All models presented here are suitable for a home in the home office, high-quality executive chairs, and companies. These can be used by several employees and permanently withstand high loads.

1. Reference

Imitation leather

  • Artificial leather covers copy the typical grain structure of genuine leather. However, especially with high-quality executive chairs, the difference is visually hardly recognizable.
  • Artificial leather is also the animal-friendly version. The material is usually made of 100% polyurethane. The production is, therefore, more accessible and cheaper than with genuine leather.
  • The seating comfort of artificial leather is similar to that of genuine leather, as it depends more on the upholstery under the cover. Synthetic leather is easier to dye.
  • The cover is easy to clean and can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. However, unlike genuine leather, no water can penetrate the upholstery. Therefore, you should refrain from using aggressive cleaning agents.

Genuine leather

  • Genuine leather is tanned animal skin that has been chemically preserved. It usually comes from cattle, less often from sheep or calves (= Nappa leather).
  • Unlike faux leather, genuine leather has breathable pores, so moisture is removed, and you sweat less. In addition, the cover has a heat-regulating effect in summer and winter, so it is never too warm or cold.
  • Genuine leather is exceptionally durable and is therefore ideal for continuous daily use over 8 hours. In addition, it feels comfortable on the skin and offers a lot of comfort.
  • Executive chairs are popular with executives, managers, and CEOs because they are considered a status symbol. The signal power, authority, and strength to employees or customers. They generate respect and prestige in the other person.
  • For leather executive chairs to be cheaper, the back and the side panels are often equipped with color-identical artificial leather. All contact surfaces are covered with genuine leather.
  • For the cover to retain its shiny surface, you should occasionally clean it of dust and dirt with a cloth. Treat stains with a mild detergent. To maintain suppleness, the use of leather care products, e.B. leather grease, is recommended.

Other references

  • Executive chairs with fabric covers are usually made of polyester, polypropylene, linen, or cotton. Fabric is breathable and feels comfortable on the skin. In winter and summer, the body maintains a constant temperature.
  • Office chairs with mesh backs have a breathable backrest so that the air on the back can circulate better and you do not sweat in the summer. Net looks visually loose and airy. Especially in smaller offices, it seems less intrusive.
  • Office chairs with velvet are an eye-catcher in the office. The cover feels cuddly and soft. Underneath, there is comfortable padding. The material has two strike directions. Depending on the incidence of light, the hue and brightness vary.
  • Office chairs made of wood are usually made of beech or oak, usually in solid timber or glued plywood. The backrest and seat are generally comfortably upholstered and have a synthetic leather cover. Popular are the colors walnut, walnut, grey and light natural color.
  • Popular are black, brown, white, cream, red, grey, blue, and pink. Covers for office chairs to protect against scratches, dust, and dirt are also practical.

Upholstery of the backrest, seat, and armrests

Under the cover, there is comfortable padding, which provides a lot of comforts. It adapts ergonomically to the body and retains its shape even under high loads. On some models, the upholstery is fashionably quilted for design reasons.

2. Backrest

The backrest should be as high as possible so that the entire back up to the shoulders is relieved. The higher, the better – this is especially true for tall people.

In an office chair for women, the backrest and the seat are slightly narrower to consider their requirements. For an office chair for children between the ages of 6 and 15, the backrest should be height-adjustable so that it “grows with you.”


  • In most executive chairs, the headrest is firmly integrated into the backrest. Alternatively, it is mounted above the backrest and adjustable in height and inclination.
  • It relieves the shoulder and neck area, which prevents tension. In addition, the cervical spine is stabilized so that the head does not overstretch.
  • An office chair with headrest is also suitable for tall people whose head hangs freely in the air and prone to neck tension.

Lumbar support

  • An office chair with a lumbar support has a curvature in the lower back. Therefore, the backrest must adapt ergonomically to the spine to relieve the muscles and intervertebral discs. At the same time, this promotes upright sitting.
  • The lumbar support is ideally adjustable in height and depth. Alternatively, the backrest should be adjusted to height all adapt the lumbar support to the body size. Thus, they avoid incorrect postures and tension.

Rocker function

  • Use a lever under the seat to activate the rocker function. The backrest and the seat move backward together when leaning.
  • The natural urge to move and the moving sitting are promoted. They can vary between the front, middle and posterior postures to prevent tension and back pain.
  • With an executive chair with a rocker mechanism, the angle when leaning is always 90°. With an office chair with a synchronous mechanism, the angle increases in a ratio of 1 to 2 or 1 to 3. The muscles are thereby alternately loaded.
  • The degree of hardness of the backrest can be adapted to the respective weight. The heavier you are, the higher the backrest back pressure should be.

3. Registered office

  • Seat height: Thanks to the gas spring, the seat is infinitely adjustable in height. With the help of the adjustment lever under the heart, the height adjustment is activated.
  • Seat width: This should be at least 50 cm to provide enough space.
  • Seat depth: With some executive chairs, this can be adjusted to the leg length.
  • 3D seat: The seat can swing not only back and forth but also sideways.
  • The leading edge of the seat: This is rounded to avoid blood congestion in the legs.
  • Rotatable by 360°:For the greatest possible freedom of movement in the workplace.
  • Open seat: This adapts ergonomically to the buttocks and has a pressure-relieving effect. The coccyx can lie softly so that the spine is not compressed.

4. Armrests

  • Material: The backrests are made of metal or plastic. Elegant executive chairs often have shapely designer armrests made of chrome-plated stainless steel.
  • Upholstery: Armrests often have softly padded soft pads or leather pads to comfortably place the forearms and elbows on them. For rigid backrests made of plastic, I recommend armrest upholstery.
  • Adjustability: Most of the time, they are adjustable in height, with some chairs even multidimensional in width, depth, and angle.
  • Relief: The arms can be removed to relieve the shoulders, neck, and joints. They effectively prevent tension.
  • Practical: They help you to get up and sit down, as you can support yourself.
  • Office chairs with armrests are ergonomically preferable to office chairs without armrests. You should only refrain from backrests if you need more lateral freedom of movement. A folding office chair with adjustable armrests is a good compromise.

5. Roles

  • Universal castors that can be used on all surfaces are optimal, e.B parquet, laminate, tiles, linoleum, floorboards, carpet, or felt.
  • Some rollers are equipped with brakes that only rotate under load. As a result, the executive chair cannot accidentally slip, which increases safety.
  • To protect your floor from scratches and marks, you need to use the appropriate castors. On sensitive hard floors, hard floor castors are mandatory.

Alternatively, there are executive chairs without castors, which are equipped with non-slip floor protectors. They sit more stable and can therefore concentrate better. Moving around is not possible, but there are no disturbing rolling noises, e.B. for the subtenants or colleagues in the same room. If you sit up to 8 hours a day, you should not do without wheels.

6. Comfort Features

  • Reclining function: With an executive chair with a reclining part, the backrest can be brought into a 135° or 155° lying position. It can be detected at several angles, ideal for a break or a short nap.
  • Footrest: On an executive chair with a footrest, you can put your legs up. This improves blood circulation and stimulates circulation. They avoid blood congestion and “heavy legs.” When not in use, it can be stowed under the seat.
  • Massage: An executive chair with massage function loosens tense muscles, promotes blood circulation, and reduces discomfort. Even more high-quality are massage chairs with heat function and with Shiatsu massage with full body massage.
  • Seat heating: An office chair with heated seats is particularly suitable on cold days to warm the back and loosen tense muscles.

7. Other features

  • Load capacity: Most executive chairs carry a bodyweight of up to 120 kg. Heavy people should use an extra-wide executive chair for heavyweights (up to 150 kg, 180 kg, 200 kg, or 250 kg loadable) or an XXL executive chair.
  • Awards: When buying, pay attention to certifications, e.B. from TÜV Rheinland, Geprüfte Sicherheit (GS), BIFMA and SGS.
  • Assembly: With the help of the illustrated assembly instructions, the body is done in just a few steps. Depending on the manufacturer, you need 5 – 20 minutes. The required tool is included in the scope of delivery.

8. Spare parts

  • Rolling: Choosing the right office chair castors is crucial to keep the floor from scratching. There are castors for hard floors (laminate, parquet, tiles, PVC, floorboards, linoleum, etc.) and soft feet (carpet, felt, etc.). Castors with brakes provide additional safety as the chair cannot accidentally slip.
  • Gas spring: It ensures infinitely variable seat height adjustment of the chair. It is enough to change the gas spring; you do not have to buy a new executive chair.
  • Base: It is usually made of aluminum or chrome-plated steel. Some models are painted black, color-coordinated with the design of the executive chair. The floor should be at least 70 cm wide. It provides the necessary stability of the executive chair.


  • Office chair underlay: It protects sensitive floors from scratches. This is important to save yourself the trouble with landlords, who pay special attention to the condition of the foot when moving out. In addition, there are documents for hard floors and carpets.
  • Footrest: It is suitable for small people whose feet hang freely in the air. It compensates for the difference in height so that the feet lie flat. The angle between the upper and lower legs must be 90°.
  • Orthopedic seat cushion: On hard chairs, it relieves the gluteal muscles and coccyx. At the same time, it promotes an upright sitting posture.
  • Wedge cushion: It helps to sit upright and prevent postural damage.
  • Lordosis cushion / lumbar cushion: It stabilizes the lumbar region and ensures an ergonomically correct sitting posture. Back pain is alleviated, and postural damage is prevented.


10 Best Executive Chair For Better Comfort

COMHOMA Office Desk Chair


The executive chair is extra thick upholstered and fits any office furniture:

Thick padding: high comfort

Rocking function: promotes movement

Seat: 10 cm adjustable in height

Armrests: comfortable padding

Loadable: carries weight up to 150 kg

Castors: protect your floor

Ergonomic backrest with rocker function

The 76 cm high backrest is ergonomically shaped and promotes a correct sitting posture. With the help of the right lever under the seat, you activate the rocker function, with which the backrest can be tilted up to 20° backward. It promotes dynamic sitting so that you always stay in motion and the muscles are activated.

High-quality upholstery and artificial leather

The extra-thick upholstery ensures a high level of seating comfort. It adapts ergonomically to the body and retains its shape even during intensive use. Above it is a black cover made of artificial leather, which feels comfortable on the skin. It is exceptionally durable and easy to clean.

Height-adjustable seat and armrests

The seat is 55 cm wide and 50 cm deep. Thus, it offers a lot of space and freedom of movement. Moreover, the gas spring can be infinitely adjusted in height between 46 – 56 cm. The armrests are softly padded and offer a firm hold.

High stability and protects the floor

The 70 cm wide base is tested by SGS and ensures high stability. The high-quality safety rollers with plastic sheathing are abrasion-resistant and protect the floor from scratches. They are ideal for hard floors such as laminate, parquet, wooden floorboards, linoleum, and tiles.

High quality and a real eye-catcher

The executive chair is BIFMA certified and can be loaded up to 150 kg. The stylish design is a real eye-catcher in the home office and the office. The set-up is done quickly and easily. The scope of delivery includes a well-thought-out manual in several languages and the tool. You will also receive a replacement castor and screws.


Yaheetech Black Office Chair


This sturdy executive chair carries a weight of up to 220 kg, ideal for heavy people:

Synthetic leather: robust and resilient

Upholstery: offers high comfort

Rocking function: promotes movement

Base: extra strong and stable

Castors: suitable for all floors

Seat: offers enough space

Carries a bodyweight of up to 220 kg

The executive chair is particularly robust and carries a weight of up to 220 kg. Thus, the load capacity is well above the maximum limit of the other models presented in this guide. In addition, only high-quality materials are used, which enable a high load. However, these usually only manage 120 kg.

For persons between 1.60 – 2.00 m

Thanks to the 78 cm high backrest, the executive chair are suitable for people between 1.60 – 2.00 m. The head can be leaned against the comfortable headrest to relieve the neck. In addition, the lumbar support reduces the lower back. Movement is provided by the rocking function, whose back pressure can be individually adapted to the body weight.

Additionally, reinforced gas spring.

Thanks to the reinforced gas spring, the 54 cm wide and 52 cm deep seat is infinitely adjustable in height between 47 – 57 cm; It offers enough space for tall and heavy people. The armrests are comfortably upholstered and can be adjusted in size in several stages.

High-quality upholstered with artificial leather.

The executive chair has a thick upholstery that adapts ergonomically to the body and ensures a high level of seating comfort. Above it is a black cover made of artificial leather. The material is particularly durable and durable.

Universal castors suitable for all floors

The castors are suitable for both hard and soft floors. They are braked, i.e., they only rotate under load. This increases safety in the workplace, as the executive chair cannot accidentally slip when sitting down or getting up. In addition, the 74 cm wide base provides the necessary stability.


Hbada Office Chair Desk

Hbada 6 Best Executive chairs

Comfortably upholstered executive chair with a high-quality genuine leather cover:

Upholstery: offers high comfort

Cover: made of durable leather

Color selection: black or brown

Headrest: relieves the neck

Rocking function: promotes movement

Loadable: carries weight up to 135 kg

Leather cover in black or brown

The backrest and seat of the executive chair are extra thickly upholstered. Thus, the King offers a high level of seating comfort. The cover is durable and durable. You can choose between the colors black and brown. You get two years warranty.

Lumbar support adjustable in depth

The 83 cm high backrest has lumbar support that stabilizes the lumbar region. With the help of a rotary knob on the side, it can be infinitely adjusted in-depth to adapt it individually to the respective body size.

Rocker function with backpressure adjustment

The backrest has a rocking function, which ensures sufficient movement when sitting. The backpressure can be individually adapted to the weight. The backrest can also be locked at five different angles. The headrest relieves the shoulder and neck area. It is also comfortably upholstered.

The height-adjustable seat offers plenty of space.

Thanks to the TÜV-certified gas spring, the seat can be infinitely adjusted in height between 55 – 60 cm. With dimensions of 53 x 52 cm, it offers sufficient space and freedom of movement, even for tall and heavy people.

Base in modern stainless steel look

The robust aluminum base ensures a high load capacity of the executive chair up to 135 kg. The castors are suitable for carpets. For hard floors such as laminate and parquet, you can order matching hard floor rolls from Amazon.


Office Essentials Office Chair

Office Essentials

Ergonomic executive chair with numerous functions and setting options:

Headrest: individually adaptable

Backrest: can be adjusted in height

Rocking function: promotes movement

Seat: adjustable in height and depth

4D armrests: all directions

Castors: suitable for all floors

Executive chair with numerous functions

The executive chair can be optimally adapted to the respective body size thanks to the many setting options. All controls are easily and quickly accessible. You will find the optimal sitting position to sit permanently relaxed and ergonomically correct with just a few simple steps.

4-way height-adjustable backrest

The executive chair is suitable for people with a height between 1.60 – 1.85 m. The backrest is 4-fold height-adjustable to adapt the lumbar support to the spine optimally. The backrest can be fixed at different angles. Sufficient movement is ensured by the synchronous mechanism, whose resistance can be adjusted.

Headrest, seat, and armrests adjustable

The headrest is adjustable by 5 cm in height and inclination. The 51 cm wide seat is height-adjustable between 50 – 62 cm. The seat depth can be adjusted between 40 – 48 cm to the leg length. The armrests are four-dimensionally adjustable: by 8 cm in height, depth, width, and angle.

In many colors with four years warranty

You can choose from different upholstery colors: black, brown, white, red, violet, and blue. The high-quality leather is durable and, therefore, remarkably durable. The robust chair frame allows a load capacity of up to 120 kg. In addition, you receive a long-term warranty of 4 years, including spare parts service.

Castors are suitable for all floors.

Five multifunctional castors are attached to the black lacquered aluminum base, suitable for all floor types. The executive chair meets all applicable DIN standards and safety requirements in the home office and companies.


SIHOO Office Desk Chair


The executive chair with Nappa leather cover is made in Germany:

High quality: Made in Germany

GS-certified: tested safety

Backpressure: adaptable to weight

Comfortable: comfortable padding

Loadable: carries weight up to 110 kg

Safe: braked safety castors

German quality with three years warranty

The backrest, the seat, and the armrests are covered with quilted Nappa leather. The executive chair is produced in Germany, so a warranty of 3 years is granted. It is GS-certified and, thanks to the chrome-plated steel base, carries a bodyweight of 110 kg.

Ergonomic backrest with rocker function

The ergonomic backrest adapts to the natural shape of the spine. The lumbar support relieves the lower back. The rocker function ensures sufficient movement at work. The backpressure is individually adaptable to the weight. The backrest can also be locked at several angles.

Comfortable seat and chrome-plated backrests

The comfortably upholstered seat has the dimensions 48 x 50 cm and is adjustable in height between 42 – 55 cm. The rounded front edge of the heart promotes blood circulation and prevents blood congestion in the legs. The chrome-plated armrests made of silver steel are equipped with ergonomically shaped leather pads.

Safety castors for soft floors

The safety rollers are braked, i.e., They only rotate under load. Therefore, the armchair cannot accidentally slip when getting up and sitting down. The castors are designed for carpets. If you use the executive chair on a hard floor, you can order hard floor castors.


SHA XiaZhi Office Chair PU Leather Desk Chair

SHA XiaZhi

Designer executive chair with upholstered backrest, headrest, and seat:

Cover: black, brown, or white

Headrest: comfortable padding

Synchronous mechanics: healthy sitting

Castors: suitable for all floors

Loadable: Weight up to 120 kg

High quality: 4 years warranty

Nappa in black, brown, and white

The executive chair convinces with its modern design and is an eye-catcher in the virtual office. The high-quality Nappa leather cover is available in black, brown, and white. In addition, the quilted upholstery offers a high level of seating comfort.

Headrest and synchronous mechanism

The executive chair is suitable for people with a height between 1.65 – 2.00 m. The backrest is 74 cm high and has a softly padded headrest. It can be detected at four different angles. The integrated synchronous mechanism ensures sufficient movement at work.

Chrome-plated backrests with leather cover

The seat has the dimensions 50 x 48 cm (width x depth) and is infinitely adjustable between 46 – 56 cm in height. The 20 cm high armrests are chrome-plated and equipped with soft leather pads so that the forearms rest comfortably. The executive chair can be loaded up to a weight of 120 kg. You get a 4-year warranty.

Castors are suitable for all floors.

The designer base made of polished aluminum ensures high stability. Attached to it are universal castors that are suitable for all floors. They are braked depending on the load, i.e., they only rotate when someone is sitting on the chair.



How to sit ergonomically on the executive chair

The longer you sit every day, the more critical an ergonomic posture is to keep you healthy in the long term. You avoid back pain and other complaints. Companies avoid high downtime costs due to sick employees. They can concentrate better and are more productive.

An ergonomic office chair can be optimally adapted to your own needs:

  • Sit upright: Slide your buttocks up to the backrest. The back has permanent contact with the backrest to avoid a crooked posture.
  • Seat height: The feet are entirely on the floor. Adjust the size of the seat until the angle between the upper and lower legs is 90°.
  • Seat depth: If possible, adjust the seat depth to suit your leg length. The distance between the leading edge of the seat and the back of the knees should be 1 – 2 cm.
  • Lumbar support: If adjustable, place it on the lower back to optimally stabilize and relieved.
  • Headrest: If adjustable, place it at the middle back of the head. The head may be slightly bent forward to avoid overstress stretching.
  • Counter-pressure: The resistance of the backrest must not be too stiff and not too soft. With the help of a rotary knob, you can adjust the degree of hardness. Try different levels. The heavier you are, the higher the backpressure.
  • Armrests: Drop your arms. Angle them at a 90° angle and align the backrests accordingly. The angle in the crooks of the arm is 90°.
  • Table height: The edge of the table is at the level of the armrests so that the arms can rest horizontally. Make sure you have enough legroom under the table.
  • Monitor: Place it about an arm’s length or 50 – 60 cm away from you. The top edge of the screen is slightly below the eyes.
  • Mouse, keyboard: Both are right in front of you so that the arms continue to fit tightly.

The adjustment levers are usually easy and intuitive to use if you are unsure which lever is suitable for what, read the enclosed instruction manual.

The change to an ergonomic sitting posture can be unusual at the beginning. Previously unused muscles are strained; others are less strained. Muscle soreness is quite normal. However, after short acclimatization, the forces have changed.

Also, create an excellent working atmosphere. Pleasant lighting conditions due to incident sunlight or a bright lamp are essential. The temperature is optimally 20 – 22°. Ventilate regularly for fresh oxygen, reduce noise and distractions. Plants have a calming effect and bring color to the office.


Make sure you get enough exercise.

The human body is designed to move permanently. Therefore, the muscles are used, and the intervertebral discs are supplied with sufficient fluids. In addition, the blood circulation is stimulated, and the risk of diabetes is reduced.

Regularly vary between the front, middle and posterior posture. To prevent tension, you should move every 4 seconds if possible. Occasional stretching and stretching exercises can also be helpful.

Ergonomics experts recommend 60% sitting, 30% standing, and 10% walking and working while class is ideal, combined with a height-adjustable table. In addition, take breaks and pay attention to sports as a balance of movement in your free time.


Consequences of poor sitting posture

Around 18 million people in Germany suffer acutely or chronically from back pain, the number 1 widespread disease.

The consequences are painful tension caused by cramped muscles, often in the shoulder and neck area or in the lower back. Muscle shortening is also common.

You need a back-friendly office chair that stabilizes your back and promotes an ergonomic posture for back pain. In addition, in case of serious diseases, you need an orthopedic office chair,e. B herniated disc, flat back, scoliosis, anchterew’s disease, hollow cross or round back.

A herniated disc is the most common cause of illness-related absence from work. In 90% of cases, it occurs in the lumbar spine, in 10% of patients in the cervical spine. Blame is an unnatural posture, e.B. with a round back or hollow cross.

If the intervertebral discs are compressed under tremendous pressure when sitting, cracks occur so that the gelatinous interior penetrates outwards. As a result, the intervertebral discs press on the nerves. It can lead to numbness up to paralysis.

Physiotherapy is recommended in severe acute or chronic pain, as an executive chair alone does not improve. It can only relieve pain. It is essential to build up muscle and avoid muscular imbalances. A back school can also help to learn correct movement patterns and exercises.


Helpful guides

  • Cleaning an office chair: It will look new even after years if you clean your executive chair regularly. For each cover, the cleaning and care are different, especially for leather and fabric covers. Smelly office chairs are best cleaned with a steam or pressure washer.
  • Squeaky executive chair: A little oil is usually enough on the affected area to avoid disturbing noises if the executive chair squeaks.
  • Dispose of office chair: After about 10 – 15 years, most chairs have to be replaced. Disposal is possible to free of charge in the recycling center or bulky waste.
  • Health insurance: A cost assumption is possible under certain conditions, sometimes also with pension insurance. As a rule, a medical certificate, a cost estimate, and completed application documents are required.
  • Depreciation: Office chairs up to a purchase price of € 800 (net) can be depreciated in the year of the purchase or over a useful life of 13 years. Depending on the amount of the purchase price, different depreciation methods apply.

You can buy an executive chair conveniently online from home. Alternatively, you can visit furniture stores such as IKEA, Poco, or Roller on site. There are also specialist shops in Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Dresden, and Stuttgart.

The easiest way to buy cheap executive chairs is online, e.B. Executive chairs under 100 €. However, you can just as well order designer executive chairs, luxury executive chairs, or high-quality office chairs Made in Germany online.

From the Stiftung Warentest, there is no official executive chair test and thus no test winner. Therefore, the question of which executive chair is the best in 2020/2021 cannot be answered objectively. Therefore, I recommend that you compare the models in this guide and read the reviews of Amazon customers.


Seat alternatives

  • Office Stool: This offers more freedom of movement in the workplace. Due to the lack of backrest, the back muscles ensure an upright sitting posture and the necessary stability. It can oscillate in all directions; ideal are stools with three-dimensional vibrations.
  • Saddle chair/saddle stool: This is based on the shape of a horse saddle. You automatically sit upright and have a lot of freedom of movement. They are suitable for workplaces where you often turn in different directions.
  • Fitness stool: It can move flexibly in all directions and thus promotes humans’ natural urge to move. Thanks to the lack of backrest and armrests, you have the greatest possible freedom of movement.
  • Pendulum stool: This can swing all around in all directions and thus promotes movement. Due to the missing backrest, you automatically sit upright.
  • Deskbike: This is a bicycle without handlebars, which is used while working on the height-adjustable table. It promotes exercise and is well suited for routine activities such as making phone calls and reading e-mails.
  • Knee chair/knee stool: The lumbar region is relieved thanks to the larger seat angle between the upper and lower body. By dispensing with a backrest, the back and abdominal muscles are trained at the same time.
  • Gamer Executive Chair: If you like it a bit sportier and play more often on the computer. This has as many setting options as an executive chair so that you can sit comfortably on it for many hours.



Answer the following questions (maximum 3), and you will find out which executive chair suits you best.

Question 1: How tall are you?

If you are over 2 m tall, you will need an executive chair with a high backrest that ergonomically stabilizes the back. A headrest is also usually advisable to prevent tension in the neck and shoulder area.


Question 2: How heavy are you?

Ordinary executive chairs carry up to 120 kg. People with an increased body weight need an executive chair with robust construction and a high load capacity. In addition, it must offer enough space and freedom of movement.


Question 3: Artificial leather, leather, or Nappa?

If you sit for 8 hours a day, buying an executive chair with a cover made of genuine leather (beef) is worth buying—exceptionally high-quality Nappa leather (usually calf or sheep). However, if you only sit for about 4 hours, an executive chair with artificial leather is sufficient.

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