​How to Choose a Web Hosting Provider

Are you looking for the right hosting for your website or shop? We bring you advice on how to choose the best web hosting for your project. With it, you usually need to order a domain, i.e., the address to which your website will run.


What is web hosting?

Server means a PC with a hard drive. It is a leased space on a server that is connected to the Internet. If you don’t have the necessary technical equipment to set up your server, then you have no choice but to choose the right hosting from a wide range of hosting companies. Hosting prices differ significantly from each other in the Czech Republic. You can have the cheapest web hosting for a few crowns. Free web hosting is no exception.


Cheap hosting

Cheap variants up to CZK 200 work on a shared hosting model. This means that the performance of a single server is distributed among hundreds of sites. For example, you can use our very popular WEDOS web hosting. However, for these low-cost variants, you need to consider that the site may load more slowly, and when the server overloads, all areas hosted on that server may be down. Shared hosting of individual providers then differs in technical parameters such as the size of the space provided, the number of databases, the number of mailboxes, etc.


The best hosting is quality and reliable.

If you have an e-shop or a comprehensive website, then you need genuinely reliable web hosting. Quality hosting has its server resources dedicated directly to your website, and you don’t have to share it with other sites.

Five things to focus on when choosing a hosting

Five things to focus on when choosing a hosting

How many databases and mailboxes do you have

With quality hosting, you usually get an unlimited number of databases and emails. Only the total amount of space reserved for your site can be limited.


Data limit

An important criterion is the data limit, i.e., the size of the disk space offered. For a regular website, 50 MB is enough. It is always better to purchase smaller and sufficient disk space for your project from a verified hosting provider, even at a higher purchase price. Focusing on quantity for little money is not worth it twice in this case.


Technical background

It is essential to be interested in the technical background of the selected hosting provider. Be interested in what availability the chosen hosting provider guarantees and what it has. High-quality technical support is also critical, which should be available in Czech 24/7.


Editorial system

Today, almost every web hosting as part of its services also has its editorial (publishing) system for creating websites or provides an easy installation of the most famous open-source editorial systems are WordPress or Drupal. Not only WordPress hosting should also have the right level of security.



When choosing to host, also take a look at what the hosting service has as an administrative interface. If you find it difficult and can’t navigate it, then you’d better look for a more straightforward option. Just cut hosting that doesn’t offer you an administrative interface from your selection at all.

If you choose the best web hosting for your website, also be interested in the provider’s reliability. Search for hosting reviews and user experiences on forums. This is the only way to make sure your site runs without the slightest hiccup.

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